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Health Care Policy and Practice
A Biopsychosocial Perspective
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Main description:

In Health Care Policy and Practice: A Biopsychosocial Perspective, Moniz and Gorin have updated their text to incorporate health care reform. The authors have also restructured the book to guide students through the development of the American health care system: what it is, what the policies are, and how students can influence them. The first section focuses on recent history and reforms during the Obama Administration to describe the health care system; section two examines the system's structure and policies; and the third section explores policy analysis and advocacy, and disparities in health based on demographics and inequities in access to care. It concludes with a discussion of the impact of social factors on health and health status. The new edition incorporates the CSWE EPAS competencies; it is for social work courses in health care, health care policy, and health and mental health care policy.


Part I. Where We Are and How We Got Here / 1. Moving Toward Universal Care: Clinton and Obama / 2. The Early Years: The Road to Employer-Based Coverage, Medicare and Medicaid / 3. Public Health and Community Health / 4. The Cost of Health Care in the U.S. and Strategies for Containment / PART II. Structure and Funding of U.S. Health and Behavioral Health Care System / 5. Private Insurance and Role of Employers / 6. Medicare / 7. Medicaid and CHIP / PART III. Policy Practice: Advancing Access to Health and Mental Health Care / 8. Social Workers and Policy Practice: Affecting Policy and Achieving Policy Action / 9. Analyzing the Problem: Access / 10. Analyzing the Problem: Disparities in Health for People of Color / 11. Analyzing the Problem: Disparities in Health for Women, Children, and Older Adults / 12. Advocating for Policies that Improve Health


ISBN-13: 9781317938286
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2013
Pages: 272