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Health and Citizenship
Political Cultures of Health in Modern Europe
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Main description:

This collection of essays looks at issues of health and citizenship in Europe across two centuries. Contributors examine the extent to which the state can interfere with the private lives of its citizens, the role of individual responsibility and if any boundary occurs in terms of what the state can realistically provide.


The Politics of Health and Citizenship: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives - Harry Oosterhuis and Frank Huisman Part I: Liberal Citizenship and Public Health 1 Before l'Etat-Providence: Health and Liberal Citizenship in Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary France - Matthew Ramsey 2 An Oyster Odyssey: Science, State and Commerce in England, 1895-1905 - Anne Hardy 3 Monopoly or Freedom of Healing? The Role of Medicine in a Modernizing Society - Frank Huisman 4 Ambivalences of Liberal Health Policy: Lebensreform and Self-Help Medicine in Belgium, 1890-1914 - Evert Peeters and Kaat Wils Part II: Social Citizenship: Health in the Welfare State 5 The Right to Health and Social Citizenship in Germany, 1848-1918 - Larry Frohman 6 From Tobacco in the War to the War on Tobacco: Smoking in Britain and Germany from c.1900-1945 - Rosemary Elliot 7 Mental Health and Civic Virtue: Psychiatry, Self-Development and Citizenship in the Netherlands, 1870-2005 - Harry Oosterhuis Part III: Neo-Republican Citizenship: Health in the Risk Society 8 Neo-Republican Citizenship and the British National Health Service since 1979 - Martin Powell 9 Struggling with Science and Democracy: Public Health and Citizenship in the Netherlands - Klasien Horstman 10 Underwriting Citizenship: The Introduction of Predictive Medicine in Private Insurance - Ine van Hoyweghen


ISBN-13: 9781781443941
Publisher: Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd
Publication date: October, 2013
Pages: 256