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HCI in Work and Learning, Life and Leisure
6th Symposium of the Workgroup Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering, USAB 2010, Klagenfurt, Austria, November 4-5, 2010. Proceedings
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Psychological Factors of HCI.- Mapping the Users’ Problem Solving Strategies in the Participatory Design of Visual Analytics Methods.- User-Centered Design of Preference Elicitation Interfaces for Decision Support.- “Same Same but Different” How Service Contexts of Mobile Technologies Shape Usage Motives and Barriers.- Social Acceptance of Negotiation Support Systems.- e-Health and HCI.- Chances of Increasing Youth Health Awareness through Mobile Wellness Applications.- A Small but Significant Difference – The Role of Gender on Acceptance of Medical Assistive Technologies.- Discount User-Centered e-Health Design: A Quick-but-not-Dirty Method.- Towards a Pattern Language Approach to Sharing Experiences in Healthcare Technology Evaluations.- Enhancing the Quality of Life of Elderly People.- Potential of e-Travel Assistants to Increase Older Adults’ Mobility.- Making the Wii at Home: Game Play by Older People in Sheltered Housing.- Designing for Older People: A Case Study in a Retirement Home.- Supporting Fellow Humans with Special Needs.- User Centered Interaction Design for Mobile Applications Focused on Visually Impaired and Blind People.- E-Learning Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Practical Examples and Experiences.- Enhancing Digital Inclusion with an English Pseudo-syllabic Keyboard.- Teaching and Virtual/Mobile Learning.- LDS: Computer-Based Lesson Development System for Teaching Computer Science.- Enhancing Virtual Reality Learning Environments with Adaptivity: Lessons Learned.- Mobile Learning and Commuting: Contextual Interview and Design of Mobile Scenarios.- Enhanced and New Methods in HCI Research.- The XAOS Metric – Understanding Visual Complexity as Measure of Usability.- Context Information in Guiding Visual Search: The Role of Color and Orientation.- Exploring the Possibilities of Body Motion Data for Human Computer Interaction Research.- Enabling User Experience with Future Interactive Learning Systems (UXFUL 2010).- International Workshop on Enabling User Experience with Future Interactive Learning Systems (UXFUL 2010).- Following the White Rabbit – A Robot Rabbit as Vocabulary Trainer for Beginners of English.- Learning Flow Management and Semantic Data Exchange between Blog-Based Personal Learning Environments.- Educational Complexity: Centrality of Design and Monitoring of the Experience.- Designing Usable Educational Material for English Courses Supported by Mobile Devices.- Enhancing the Learning Experience: Preliminary Framework for User Individual Differences.- Interactive Multimedia Applications (WIMA).- Scene Segmentation in Artistic Archive Documentaries.- Issues in Designing Novel Applications for Emerging Multimedia Technologies.- Metadata Aggregation for Personalized Music Playlists.- Instant Video Browsing: A Tool for Fast Non-sequential Hierarchical Video Browsing.- An Experimental Investigation of the Akamai Adaptive Video Streaming.- A Social Approach to Image Re-targeting Based on an Interactive Game.- Vicarious Learning with a Digital Educational Game: Eye-Tracking and Survey-Based Evaluation Approaches.- Tutorial.- iPhone/iPad Human Interface Design.- Posters.- On the Paradigm Shift of Search on Mobile Devices: Some Remarks on User Habits.- Leveraging the Semantic Web for Intelligent and Adaptive Education.- Semantic Mash-Up Personal and Pervasive Learning Environments (SMupple).- Model of a Touchscreen Interaction Benchmark Test Supporting Usability Awareness in Mobile Application Development Process.- Information System User Interface Complexity.- e-Health and HCI.- Technical Expertise and Its Influence on the Acceptance of Future Medical Technologies: What Is Influencing What to Which Extent?.


ISBN-13: 9783642166075
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 550

Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice