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Happiness, Healing, Enhancement
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Positive psychology is a scientific study that helps individuals to find happiness and well-being. Drawing together some of the world's best researchers, writers, and practitioners in applied positive psychotherapy, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement translates solid science into sound and clear clinical interventions. Based on real case examples, each chapter provides practical therapeutic guidelines, experience, and examples. The book is organized into three parts--happiness, healing, and enhancement--that represent the three core processes and outcomes in the application of positive psychology.


Acknowledgments. Quick Reference Guides. Introduction. PART ONE: HAPPINESS. Orienting Toward Happiness. CHAPTER 1 Strengthspotting: Finding And Developing Client Resources In The Management Of Intense Anger (P. Alex Linley, George W Burns). CHAPTER 2 We Will Be Laughing Again: Restoring Relationships With Positive Couples Therapy (Maria de F. Perloiro, Luis M. Neto, Helena A. Marujo). CHAPTER 3 What Is Right With Him? Ericksonian Positive Psychotherapy In A Case Of Sexual Abuse (Betty Alice Erickson). CHAPTER 4 The Why, Not The What: The Positive Power Of Intrinsic Motivations In Client Goal Setting And Pursuit (Helen Street). Instilling Hope. CHAPTER 5 From Here To Where You Want To Be: Building the Bridges with Hope Therapy in a Case of Major Depression (Jennifer S. Cheavens, Amber M. Gum). CHAPTER 6 You Want Me to Fix it? Using Evidence-Based Interventions To Instill Hope In Parents And Children (Robert Weis). CHAPTER 7 Putting the Lid on the Divorce Monster: Creating Hope-Filled Narratives With Storybook Therapy (Joy Nel). Utilizing Client Resources. CHAPTER 8 Development Through Disability: The Unfolding And Sharing Of Psychological Resources (Antonella Delle Fave). CHAPTER 9 From Vulnerability to Skillfulness: Leisure and Positive Intervention in Therapy With Adolescents (Teresa Freire). CHAPTER 10 Do You See the Forest or the Tree? Utilizing Client Interests and Strengths in a Case of Asperger's Syndrome (Diane Yapko). PART TWO: HEALING. Moving Beyond Depression. CHAPTER 11 Now I Can Get on with Life: Pleasure, Engagement and Meaning in a Case of Major Depression (George W. Burns). CHAPTER 12 Empowering Lisa: The Power of Metaphor for a Depressed And Suicidal Teen (Ramona Garnier, Michael D. Yapko). CHAPTER 13 Can Helping Others Help Oneself? Reflections on Altruism, Health and Well-being (Carolyn E. Schwartz). Building Mindfulness and Acceptance. CHAPTER 14 Doing Nothing, Changing Profoundly: The Paradox of Mindfulness in a Case of Anxiety (Craig Hassed). CHAPTER 15 Laying Out in Anxiety: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Values-based Living (Robyn Walser, Maggie Chartier). CHAPTER 16 Playing with the Moment: A Frame Theory for Positive Outcomes in Anxiety Treatment (Reid Wilson). Transcending Trauma and Pain. CHAPTER 17 Can You be Happy in Pain? Applying Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Hypnosis to Chronic Pain Management (George W Burns). CHAPTER 18 Charting a Course to New Beginnings: Decoding Signals of Persistent Traumatic Stress Reactions in a Shipwreck Survivor (Roderick J. Orner). CHAPTER 19 A Surprise Attack, A Surprise Result: Posttraumatic Growth Through Expert Companionship (Richard G. Tedeschi, Lawrence G. Calhoun). PART THREE: ENHANCEMENT. Exploring New Approaches. CHAPTER 20 Sunsets and Seashores: Nature-Guided Therapy in Positive Couple and Family Work (George W. Burns). CHAPTER 21 A Dream of Creative Menopause: A New Neuroscience of Brief Psychotherapy for Solving Puzzles of Biology and Psychology (Kathryn Lane Rossi). CHAPTER 22 Can We Play Again? Applying Positive Psychology Principles in Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy (Beth L. Pearson, Tori Sacha Cordiano). Finding Tools and Techniques. CHAPTER 23 Inspiring Change: How to Use Tools of Intention for Positive Outcomes (Stephen R. Lankton). CHAPTER 24 A Positive Way of Addressing Negatives: Using Strengths-Based Interventions in Coaching and Therapy (Robert Biswas-Diener). CHAPTER 25 There's a Fly in the Urinal: Developing Therapeutic Possibilities from Research Findings (Bill O'Hanlon). Communicating Happiness, Healing, Enhancement. CHAPTER 26 Soaring to New Heights: Outcome-Oriented Metaphor in a Case of Severe Phobia (George W. Burns). CHAPTER 27 Are There Times Not to Use Positive Therapy? Some Concluding Thoughts (George W. Burns). Author Index. Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9780470560846
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Publication date: January, 2010
Pages: 360
Dimensions: 194.00 x 234.00 x 19.00

Subcategories: Psychotherapy