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Handbook of the Psychology of Science
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Main description:

Few resources are available to educators in the emerging discipline of the psychology of science. This handbook fills this void by providing an empirically based compendium of current knowledge about this newly established discipline. Written by two pioneers in the study of the cognitive and social processes involved in scientific and innovative behaviors, it follows on the heels of the first organized society (The International Society for the Psychology of Science and Technology) in 2006, and the first peer-reviewed journal (Journal of the Psychology of Science and Technology) launched in 2008.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to the Psychology of Science
  • Foundational Psychologies of Science (includes the development of scientific thinking and causal reasoning, development of children's scientific knowledge, historical case models, computational approaches, and personality, social, and clinical psychologies of science)
  • Special Topics in the Psychology of Science (includes creativity and genius, gender issues, uncertainty and visual data analysis, thinking and reasoning in the lab, innovation and conceptual change, psychology of technology, psychobiology of science, conflict and cooperation in science, and more)
  • Applied Psychology of Science (the psychology of pseudo-science, post-modernism, naturalism and different views of science, how children learn and are taught science)
  • Past and Future of Psychology of Science (quantitative trends and the future of the psychology of science)

Handbook of the Psychology of Science will at last provide educators of the psychology of science and the cognitive science of science with a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive text with which to disseminate current knowledge about this growing discipline.


ISBN-13: 9780826106247
Publisher: Eurospan (Springer Publishing Company)
Publication date: December, 2012
Pages: 544

Subcategories: Psychology