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Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management
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Main description:

The Handbook of Primate Behavioral Management (HPBM) fills a void in the scientific literature, providing those who work with nonhuman primates (NHPs) with a centralized reference for many issues related to the care and behavioral management of captive nonhuman primates. While there are numerous publications scattered throughout the literature that deal with the behavioral management of NHPs, this comprehensive handbook is the first single-source reference to summarize and synthesize this information. The HPBM is organized into six complementary parts starting with an introductory section. The book then provides in-depth coverage of content issues, applications and implementation, genera-specific chapters, technology-related questions involved in the behavioral management of NHPs, and a concluding section. Primate behavioral management is a topic that has recently generated a considerable number of primary publications in the scientific literature, mostly with an applied focus. Similarly, there are many primary publications currently available that address more basic issues related to the understanding of primate behavior.
One of the principal goals of the HPBM is to highlight and synthesize basic science advances that can be adapted and applied to enhance the behavioral management of captive NHPs.


The Basics. Introduction. Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, and Directives. The Role of the Environment. Content Areas with Behavioral Management Implications. BioBehavioral Assays. Social Network Analyses. Stress. Neuroscience. Laterality. Aging and Cognition. Vigilance and Sociality. Depression. Physiology.Temperament. Genetics and Epigenetics. Application and Implementation in Behavioral Management. Positive Reinforcement Training and Research. Positive Reinforcement Training and Health Care. Interactions with Veterinary Medicine. Social Learning. Collaborative Research. Pairing Strategies. Program Management. The Behavioral Management Consortium.Genera-Specific Behavioral Management. Macaca spp. Chlorocebus spp. Papio spp.Neotropical species. Pan spp. Prosimians. Products, Equipment, Techniques, and Services. Research Equipment: Jackets. Research Equipment: Access Ports. Research Equipment: Telemetry. Caging. Nutrition and Feeding. Research Animals. Summation.


ISBN-13: 9781498731966
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: May, 2017
Pages: 546

Subcategories: General Issues, Neuroscience