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Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides
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Main description:

Since the first Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides was prepared in 2001, the wealth of new information on the use of these peptides as transport systems has in fact served to confound the field. The constant internal change in the field of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) is due to recent research uncovering apparent ambiguities in cellular uptake. There is still neither a common terminology nor a uniform explanation for the penetrative mechanism of cell-penetrating peptides.

In this second edition of the Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, the authors summarize the current state of the field including recent reevaluations of earlier studies of CPP mechanisms. Beginning with an overview of the classes of peptides and their individual uptake mechanisms, from the earlier lipid models to the more recent endocytotic pathways, the book demonstrates the diversity and the opportunity for these biologically active proteins to serve as future drug leads. The text then covers the use of CPPs in gene modulation, addressing the application of antisense and decoy oligonucleotides, as well as the new avenue of research targeting specific tumors and other tissues-questions that had barely been asked when the first edition was published.

By summarizing the diffuse information regarding CPPs, including the ambiguities and variety of mechanisms, the Handbook of Cell-Penetrating Peptides provides the most solid foundation available from which to expand the potential of this rapidly growing field of medicine.


PART I Classes and Prediction of Cell-Penetrating
Peptides, Ü. Langel

Penetratins, E. Dupont, A. Prochiantz, and A. Joliot

Tat-Derived Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Discovery, Mechanism of Cell Uptake, and Applications to the Delivery of Oligonucleotides, S. Abes, J.P. Richard, A. Thierry, P. Clair, and B. Lebleu

Model Amphipathic Peptides, J. Oehlke, B. Wiesner, and M. Bienert

Cell-Penetrating cis-g-Amino-L-Proline Derived Peptides, J. Farrera-Sinfreu, E. Giralt, M. Royo, and F. Albericio

Prediction of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, M. Hällbrink and Ü. Langel

PART II Classes and Prediction of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, A. Gräslund

Inverted Lipid Models: A Pathway for Peptide Internalization? G. Chassaing, S. Sagan, O. Lequin, A. Lamaziere, J. Ayala-Sanmartin, G. Trugnan, G. Bolbach, and F. Burlina

Membrane Interactions of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, E. K. Esbjörner, A. Gräslund, and B. Nordén

Interactions of Cell-Penetrating Peptides with Model Membranes, S. Deshayes, M.C. Morris, G. Divita, and F. Heitz

The Import Mechanism of Cationic Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Its Implications for the Delivery of Peptide Inhibitors of Signal Transduction, M. Fotin-Mleczek, S. Voss, and R. Brock

Mechanisms of Cargo Delivery by Transportans, M. Pooga, K. Padari, and Ü. Langel

Tat-Mediated Peptide/Protein Transduction In Vivo, W. Shi and S.F. Dowdy

Proteoglycans as Endocytosis Receptors for CPPs, M. Belting, A. Wittrup, and S. Sandgren

PART III Functionality of Shuttling Proteins and Protein-Derived Peptides, A. Prochiantz

Cell Permeable Peptides and Messenger Proteins, from a Serendipitous Observation to a New Signaling Mechanism, A. Prochiantz

Pharmacology and In Vivo Efficacy of Pepducins in Hemostasis and Arterial Thrombosis, L. Covic, B. Tchernychev, S. Jacques, and A. Kuliopulos

HOXB4 Homeoprotein Transfer Promotes the Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, S. Amsellem and S. Fichelson

Applications of Cell-Penetrating Peptides as Signal Transduction Modulators, S. Jones and J. Howl

SynB Vectors as Drug Carriers, J. Temsamani

PART IV Applications of Cell-Penetrating Peptides in Gene Modulation and Protein Transport, S. F. Dowdy

Peptide Conjugates of Oligonucleotide Analogues and siRNA for Gene Expression Modulation, J.J. Turner, A.A. Arzumanov, G. Ivanova, M. Fabani, and M.J. Gait

Lego-Like Strategy for Assembling Multivalent Peptide-Based Vehicles Able to Deliver Molecular Cargoes into Cells, S.A. Waschuk, G.M.K. Poon, and J. Gariépy

Mechanistic Insights into Guanidinium-Rich Transporters Entering Cells, J.B. Rothbard, T.C. Jessop, L. Jones, E. Goun, R. Shinde, C.H. Contag, and P.A. Wender

Cell-Penetrating Short Interfering RNAs and Decoy Oligonucleotides, S. EL-Andaloussi, H. Johansson, P. Lundberg, and Ü. Langel

A Noncovalent Peptide-Based Strategy for Peptide and Short Interfering RNA Delivery, M.C. Morris, S. Deshayes, F. Simeoni, G. Aldrian-Herrada, F. Heitz, and G. Divita

PART V Selective Targeting to Tumors and Other Tissues with Cell-Penetrating Peptides: In Vivo Applications, E. Wagner

Selective Delivery to Vascular Addresses: In Vivo Applications of Cell-Type-Specific Cell-Penetrating Peptides, P. Laakkonen and E. Ruoslahti

In Vivo Applications of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, S. Moschos, A. Williams, and M.A. Lindsay

Intracellular Delivery of Nanoparticles with CPPs, B. Gupta and V.P. Torchilin

Strategies to Incorporate CPPs into Synthetic Viruses for Tumor-Targeted Gene Therapy, E. Wagner and M. Ogris

Cell-Permeable Penta-Peptides Derived from Bax-Inhibiting Peptide, J. Gomez, V. Gama, and S. Matsuyama

Cellular Uptake of Liposomal and Micellar Carriers Mediated by ApoE-Derived Peptides, M. Dathe, S. Keller, I. Sauer, and M. Bienert

Imaging the Influx of Cell-Penetrating Peptides into the Cytosol of Individual Live Cells, S.R. Adams and R.Y. Tsien

Microbial Membrane-Penetrating Peptides and Their Applications, A. Ganyu, Ü. Langel, and L. Good


Design and Synthesis of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, Y. Jiang, U. Soomets, and Ü. Langel

Toxicity Methods for Cell-Penetrating Peptides, K. Saar and Ü. Langel

Methods to Study the Translocation of Cell-Penetrating Peptides, M. Lindgren, M. Pooga, and Ü. Langel



ISBN-13: 9781420006087
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: August, 2006
Pages: 600

Subcategories: Pharmacology