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Handbook of Biosensors and Biosensor Kinetics
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Main description:

Biosensors are essential to an ever-expanding range of applications, including healthcare; drug design; detection of biological, chemical, and toxic agents; environmental monitoring; biotechnology; aviation; physics; oceanography; and the protection of civilian and engineering infrastructures. This book, like the previous five books on biosensors by this author (and one by the co-author), addresses the neglected areas of analyte-receptor binding and dissociation kinetics occurring on biosensor surfaces.

Topics are covered in a comprehensive fashion, with homogeneous presentation for the benefit of the reader. The contributors address the economic aspects of biosensors and incorporate coverage of biosensor fabrication and nanobiosensors, among other topics. The comments, comparison, and discussion presented provides a better perspective of where the field of biosensors is heading.

This proposed handbook will be written by just two co-authors as opposed to a multi-author Handbook.

Most, if not all of the aspects with regard to biosensors will be available under one cover.

Detailed kinetics of binding and dissociation will be provided under one cover in tables, an easy comparison of the rate coefficients of binding and dissociation will be possible for the same biosensor types and also for different biosensor types.

includes the Economics of Biosensors. This type of information is unique and very difficult to get free of charge in the open literature. The open literature will be carefully scanned for available economic biosensor information, analyzed and presented in a concise form in the last chapter on Economics of Biosensors.

A comprehensive, unified, and unedited Handbook on Biosensors.


comprehensive coverage of biosensors-one stop source

homogeneous presentation due to the only two authors: no judgements on the level and quality of the work of the various parts will be necessary.

Expert accounts of the Economics of Biosensors no vailable elsewhere.

Market projections for biosensors are available from different organizations, but one has to pay a few thousand dollars for this type of information.

besides this type of information is quickly outdated. References to this sources will be given


ISBN-13: 9780080932859
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science)
Publication date: August, 2010
Pages: 536

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering