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Guiding the Child (Psychology Revivals)
On the Principles of Individual Psychology
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Main description:

First published in 1930 this book was written under the leadership and inspiration of Alfred Adler. He and a group of physicians and educators organized 28 child guidance clinics in Vienna, Berlin and Munich in the years prior to publication. Conducted according to the tenets of Individual Psychology, these clinics revealed many new and stimulating problems that they felt were as applicable to conditions in America and England at the time as in the experimental countries. The book was designed as an organized and connected account of the problems, accomplishments and failures encountered in the daily work, reported from actual experience by the experts in charge. Adler edited the volume and assigned each subject to the specialist in that field. The result was designed to be of value to the welfare worker, the physician, and the forward-looking parent of the time. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.


1 Regine Seidler and Dr Ladislaus Zilah The Vienna child guidance clinics 2 Dr Olga Knopf and Dr Erwin Wexberg The physician and educational guidance 3 Martha Holub and Dr Arthur Zanker When to refer children to guidance clinics 4 Dr Alice Friedmann The family and educational guidance 5 Oskar Spiel and Ferdinand Birnbaum The school and educational guidance 6 Dr Theodor Zerner The influence of Individual Psychology upon parents' associations 7 Dr Olga Knopf Prophylactic educational guidance in parents' associations 8 Dr Alexandra Adler Technique of educational guidance 9 Dr Alexander Muller Errors in the technique of guidance work 10 Dr Alfred Adler A case from guidance practice 11 Martha Holub and Dr Alexander Neuer On education methods which are based upon Individual Psychology (a dialogue between an educational guidance worker for Individual Psychology and a physician) 12 Ida Loewy Small children in guidance clinics 13 Sophie Lazarfeld Sexual cases in child guidance clinics 14 Regine Seidler Rivalry among children of the same family (two cases from the guidance clinic of a teachers' association advisor - Dr Alfred Adler) 15 Elly Rothwein and Dr Arthur Holub A case of deaf-mutism 16 Dr Alexandra Adler The only child 17 Martha Holub and Dr Arthur Zanker The hated child 18 Dr Friederike Friedmann Escape to disease 19 Dr Lydia Sicher and Martha Holub Two cases 20 Dr Alexander Muller and Dr Theodor Vertes A case of speech disturbance 21 Paul Brodsky The educational work of the private teacher


ISBN-13: 9781136701658
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: March, 2013
Pages: 272