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Goodness Not Grief: Autobiography Of Yean Leng Lim
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Main description:

A biography of the author's background which provides insight into his training in medicine and his opinions on the concepts and training that are necessary to be a good doctor. The aims of this book are to first show how coronary angioplasty was pioneered in Australia, Singapore and China. Second, it is to illustrate the founding of a long-awaited medical school in Xiamen, China where the author's ancestors originate. Third, it is to describe the reformation of healthcare, cardiology, medical research and Art academy in Singapore. Fourth, it is to demonstrate the vision and realization of the third Asia Pacific cardiovascular intervention block. Last but not least, this book describes the merging of East West culture, medicine, art and a personal Christian testimony.This book hopes to show that with hard work, determination and vision, any young man or woman should be able to write a similar life story of their own. It is particularly important for young doctors to learn how not to bring grief but goodness to their patients and relatives. This book also illustrates the history of the development of coronary intervention in China and the rise of the Asia Pacific region in this field. Finally, this book provides a unique, personal perspective in the convergence of Eastern and Western culture, medicine and art.


Early Years; Vow to be a Doctor; A Good Doctor; Goodness not Grief; Xiamen University Medical College; Health Reform and Centres of Excellence; Asia Pacific - The Third Block; East and West, Science and God.


ISBN-13: 9781938134425
Publisher: World Century
Publication date: July, 2014
Pages: 320

Subcategories: General Practice