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GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management
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Although many books have been published on the application of GIS in emergency management and disaster response, this is the first one to bring together a comprehensive discussion of the critical role GIS plays in hospital and healthcare emergency management and disaster response. Illustrating a wide range of practical applications, "GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management" explores how GIS data is being used to assess need, determine surge capacity, and improve logistics in emergency or disaster scenarios. Leading experts in the field provide authoritative coverage of all areas of emergency management involving GIS and related technologies. Making this complex subject accessible for professionals who want to improve their preparedness and response capabilities, this complete resource provides numerous examples, case studies, and proven simulation and modeling tools to aid in the development of effective and efficient emergency response plans.
It also includes a CD-ROM with a user interface that supplies access to helpful forms, exercises, color versions of the figures in the book, hundreds of valuable resources, as well as a composite bibliography of all references included in the text. In today's technology driven environment, failure to plan is planning to fail. This accessible resource provides emergency planners, operations managers, and hospital and healthcare administrators with the understanding and the tools needed to create emergency management and disaster preparedness systems that will help hospitals save lives, time, and money when the next emergency strikes.


Introduction: The Evolving Role of Geographic Information Systems in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management; Ric Skinner Section I: Conceptual Approaches A Spatial Approach to Hazard Vulnerability Analysis by Healthcare Facilities; Ric Skinner Using GIS to Improve Workplace and Worker Safety Crisis Management; Jeffrey M. Miller Infectious Disease Surveillance and GIS: Applications for Emergency Management; Michael Olesen Role of GIS in Interagency Healthcare Logistical Support during Emergencies; Jerry D. VanVactor Design Concept for a Location-Based Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Healthcare Facilities; Ric Skinner Section II: Applications Trauma Center Siting, Optimization Modeling, and GIS; Charles C. Branas, Brendan G. Carr, Megan Heckert, and Robert Cheetham Healthcare Facility Disaster Planning: Using GIS to Identify Alternate Care Sites; Johnathon A. Mohr, Gwenn M. Allen, and James L. Querry Multiscale Enterprise GIS for Healthcare Preparedness in South Carolina; Jared Shoultz, Doug Calvert, Guang Zhao, and Richard Max Learner Hospital Preparedness Planning for Evacuation and Sheltering with GIS in South Carolina; Jared Shoultz, Doug Calvert, Guang Zhao, and Richard Max Learner Making Sense Out of Chaos: Improving Prehospital and Disaster Response; Elizabeth Lea Walters, Stephen W. Corbett, and Jeff Grange Section III: Case Stories Disaster Preparedness for Influenza at a Community Hospital Network: A Case Study Using GIS; Edward M. Rafalski, Vincent J. Gallagher, Matthew M. Wakely, and Armand Turceanu Disaster Preparedness and Response for Vulnerable Populations: Essential Role of GIS for Emergency Medical Services during the San Diego County 2007 Firestorm; Isabel Corcos, Holly Shipp, Alan Smith, Barbara Stepanski, and Leslie Upledger Ray Natural Disasters and the Role of GIS in Assessing Need; Omar Ha-Redeye GIS Application and a Regionalized Approach for Mass Casualty Incident Planning; Deborah H. Kim, William B. Proger, Kent L. Simons, and Christopher M. Hiles Building a GIS Common Operating Picture for Integrated Emergency Medical Services and Hospital Emergency Management Response; Frank Zanka Index


ISBN-13: 9781439857052
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: April, 2010
Pages: 279
Dimensions: 156.00 x 235.00 x 22.00

Subcategories: General Practice