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Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair
The Dermatologist's Perspective
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Written to address the growing trend of hair loss in ethnic populations, The Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair: A Dermatologist's Perspective elucidates the science of curly hair, demystifies prevailing hair styling trends, and presents practical advice for minimizing the harmful effects of these hair styling practices. Written from a dermatologist's perspective, this textbook seamlessly blends science and practical management. Chapters include physical and chemical properties of the hair, thermal and chemical straightening, extensions, razor bumps and special cultural considerations.


CONTENTS Foreword Preface PART 1. STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF HAIR 1. Chemical and Physical Properties of Hair: Comparisons between Asian, Black and Caucasian Hair Alice He and Ginette Okoye PART 2. AESTHETIC MODIFICATIONS OF ETHNIC HAIR 2. Chemical Modifications of Ethnic Hair Alessandra Haskin, Ginette A. Okoye, and Crystal Aguh 3. Thermal Modifications of Ethnic Hair Alessandra Haskin, Crystal Aguh, and Ginette A. Okoye 4. Ethnic Hairstyling Practices and Hair Prostheses I: Dreadlocks Nashay N. Clemetson 5. Ethnic Hairstyling Practices and Hair Prostheses II: Wigs, Weaves and Other Extensions Alessandra Haskin and Crystal Aguh 6. Ethnic Hair Care Products Alessandra Haskin and Crystal Aguh PART 3. ETHNIC HAIR CARE: APPROACH TO DEVELOPING A HEALTHY HAIR CARE REGIMEN 7. Developing a Healthy Hair Regimen I: Formulating an Optimal Cleansing and Conditioning Regimen Crystal Aguh 8. Developing a Healthy Hair Regimen II: Transitioning to Chemical-Free Styling (to Natural Hair) and Prevention of Hair Trauma Rawn Bosley, Chelsea St. Claire, and Kayla St. Claire PART 4. HAIR AND SCALP DISORDERS SECONDARY TO HAIR CARE PRACTICES 9. Seborrheic Dermatitis Jean-Claire Powe Dillon, Cynthia O. Anyanwu, and Katherine Omueti Ayoade 10. Scarring Alopecias Related to Hairstyling Practices Alice He, Alessandra Haskin, and Ginette A. Okoye 11. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae and Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Chika Agi and Rawn Bosley PART 5. SPECIAL CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS 12. Ethnic Hair Considerations for People of African, South Asian, Muslim and Sikh origins Crystal Aguh, Mamta Jhaveri, Alice He, Ginette A. Okoye, and Nada Elbuluk Glossary


ISBN-13: 9783319456959
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: December, 2016
Pages: None
Dimensions: 155.00 x 235.00 x 11.00

Subcategories: Dermatology