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Functional Behavioral Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Third Edition
A Complete System for Education and Mental Health Settings
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Main description:

Featuring a highly interactive learning system, this popular text is noted for its exceptionally clear and thorough coverage of how to conduct a functional behavioral assessment (FBA), select a function-based classification of the problem, and design a function-based intervention that takes into consideration a replacement behavior. A wealth of case studies, many of which are drawn from the authors' clinical experiences in educational and mental health settings, give readers a realistic look at applied behavioral analysis. This book better prepares readers to design effective treatment for problem behaviors in a variety of settings by providing them with a deeper understanding of the related environmental function prior to introducing assessment and treatment, making it an ideal text for advanced students, clinicians, and practitioners. New to this edition:* Chapter opening objectives and BACB Standards match the content to be covered with the task list objectives established by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) to help readers master the necessary skills required of behavior analysts.*
An engaging interactive approach, icons throughout the text alert readers to review related detailed explanations and illustrations highlighting FBA demonstrations and functional treatments in the on-line narrated Power Point lectures. * New Competency Assignments tied to the text and the narrated Power Point lectures, help students master the required competencies as outlined by the BACB. * Simulation Exercises get readers actively involved in collecting data, conducting an assessment, demonstrating the use of a function, or observing how to "shape" an alternate behavior. * Self-Assessment exercises provide fuel for thought for testing one's understanding of the content. * Introduces the Cipani EO School Behavioral Interview Rating System and form to help in conducting a behavioral interview (Ch.2).* Introduces the Cipani Diagnostic Classification System of Replacement Function, a unique, three-category classification system for determining the strength of the replacement behavior(s) (Ch. 4).*
Online instructor's resources including test items that are tied to the chapter objectives and competencies, a conversion guide for current adopters, tips for creating a course syllabus and using the discussion questions and assignments, additional teaching tips via video, and word files of the chapter objectives, the BACB standards, assignments, forms and more.* Online student resources including narrated PowerPoint slides and video lectures, related YouTube videos and articles, and the self-assessment exercises.


* Preface xi* Acknowledgments xv*1 Basic Concepts and Principles 1*2 Functional Behavioral Assessment of Problem Behavior 33*3 The Cipani Behavioral Classification System 81*4 Function-derived Treatment Options 133*5 Functional Behavioral Treatment Protocols 171* Part 5A: Protocols for 2.0 SMA Problem Behaviors 173-233* Part B: Protocols for 4.0 SME Problem Behaviors 235* Appendix A: Cipani EO School Behavioral Interview Form 285* Appendix B: Why Artie Can't Learn 296* References 315* Index 319


ISBN-13: 9780826170330
Publisher: Springer (Springer Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: July, 2017
Pages: 340

Subcategories: Psychology