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Formulation and Treatment in Clinical Health Psychology
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Main description:

How do clinicians select appropriate treatment strategies to match their clients' needs? Formulation and Treatment in Clinical Health Psychology brings together leading experts in the fields of clinical health psychology and behavioural medicine with the aim of illustrating the formulation and treatment design procedures which they employ in their specialist areas. Each chapter covers the key biopsychosocial parameters, assessment modalities, empirically based treatment strategies and formulation procedures for specific problems. Areas covered include: cognitive-behavioural case formulation in the treatment of alcohol problems psychological treatment of hypertension cognitive therapy for irritable bowel syndrome miscarriage: conceptualisation and treatment of the psychological sequelae. Case studies are employed throughout to demonstrate a link between case formulation, treatment planning and outcome. The practical guidance provided in this volume will prove invaluable for all practising clinicians working in the context of health-related problems.


Nikcevic, Kuczmierczyk, Bruch, Preface. Bruch, Prioglio, The Case Formulation Procedure. Spada, Cognitive-Behavioural Case Formulation in the Treatment of Alcohol Problems. Williamson, Newton Jr., Walden, Obesity. Savard, Simard, Morin, Insomnia. Linden, Cognitive-Behavioural Case Formulation in the Treatment of Alcohol Problems. Brantley, Grothe, Dutton, Stress, Anger and Hostility in Coronary Heart Disease. Schneider, Delamater, Case Formulation in Type 1 Diabetes. Lackner, Blanchard, Cognitive Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Improving Clinical Decision Making and Treatment Efficiency Through Behavioural Case Formulation. Baxendale, Epilepsy: An Approach to Case Formulation. Hanson, Chronic Pain. Deary, Chalder, Case Conceptualisation in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Venable, Carrey, Behavioural Medicine Interventions in HIV/AIDS: Challenges and Opportunities for Promoting Health and Adaptation. Nezu, Lombardo, Nezu, Cancer. Nikcevic, Miscarriage: Conceptualisation and Treatment of the Psychological Sequelae.


ISBN-13: 9781135452070
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2006
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 24.00

Subcategories: General Practice, Psychiatry