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Focal Controlled Drug Delivery
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The concept of focal controlled drug delivery has been applied for treating illnesses that are localized to a certain tissue or organ. These delivery systems are applied directly to the diseased site and deliver a desired dose for an extended time period while minimizing systemic distribution of toxic drug. Controlled drug delivery systems have been focused on oral extended release formulations and on systemic delivery of small drugs and peptides. Despite the upsurge of interest in focal targeted drug delivery, there is currently no single reference text on the subject. By comparison, there are numerous authored and edited books on oral, systemic and transdermal drug delivery or books on biodegradable polymers as drug carriers. Thus, the aim of Focal Drug Delivery is to bring together leading experts and researchers in the field to provide an authoritative account of the essential pharmaceutical, technological, physiological and biological sciences underpinning the topic. In addition, the book will review advances in treatment options for diseases localized at a certain tissue or organ.


1. Biodegradable Polymers for Focal Delivery Systems Wahid Khan, Venu Gopala Swami Challa, Robert Langer, and Abraham J. Domb 2. Implantable Medical Devices Wahid Khan, Eameema Muntimadugu, Michael Jaffe, and Abraham J. Domb 3. Systemic Targeting Systems-EPR Effect, Ligand Targeting Systems Prasad V. Pawar, Abraham J. Domb, and Neeraj Kumar 4. Liposomal formulations for Focal and Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer and Other Diseases Sean Essex and Vladimir Torchilin 5. Polymer Drug Conjugate in Focal Drug Delivery Rajan Swami, Dinesh Kumar, Wahid Khan, Ramakrishna Sistla, Nalini Shastri 6. Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Aspects of Focal and Targeted Delivery of Drugs David Stepensky 7. Treatment of Brain Tumors Betty M. Tyler, Gustavo Pradilla, Uri Hadelsberg, Hansen Bow, and Henry Brem 8. Intranasal Delivery of Neuropeptide-Loaded Nanoparticles and Their Application to Nervous System Therapeutics Michael J. Kubek, Abraham J. Domb, Daniel J. Kubeka, Michael C. Veronesi 9. Focal Drug Delivery in Inner Ear Therapy Jing Zou 10. Nanotechnology Based Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System Fahima Dilnawaz and Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo 11. Site Specific Ocular Nucleic Acid Delivery Ravi S. Shukla and Kun Cheng 12. Topical Iontophoresis for Targeted Local Drug Delivery to the Eye and Skin Tais Gratieri and Yogeshvar N. Kalia 13. Local Drug Delivery to the Oral Cavity Sheeba Qureshi, Wahid Khan, Michael Perez-Davidi, Ervin I Weiss, Nurit Beyth, and Abraham J. Domb 14. Focal Drug Delivery for Management of Oral Infections Nurit Beyth, Orith Haramaty and David Polak 15. Segmental-Dependent Drug Absorption and Delivery: The Stomach Omri Wolk and Arik Dahan 16. Segmental-Dependent Drug Absorption and Delivery: The Intestinal Tract Omri Wolk and Arik Dahan 17. Nanotechnology Applications in Local Arterial Drug Delivery Dipti Deshpande, Azizah Jamal-Allial, Kinjal Sankhe, and Mansoor Amiji 18. Drug Eluting Stents Wahid Khan, Rajesh Thipparaboina, Shady Farah, Judah Z. Weinberger, and Abraham J. Domb 19. Drug-Eluting Vascular Grafts Jingjia Han and Peter I. Lelkes 20. Delivery Systems for Lymphatic Targeting Indu Singh, Rajan Swami, Wahid Khan, and Ramakrishna Sistla 21. Spatio-temporal Focal Delivery of Dual Regenerating Factors for Osteochondral Defect Repair Emil Ruvinov and Smadar Cohen 22. Spatio-temporal Focal Delivery of Dual Regenerating Factors for Osteochondral Defect Repair Emil Ruvinov and Smadar Cohen 23. Polymer Based Drug Delivery Systems for Solid Tumor Treatment Ariella Shikanov and Abraham J. Domb 24. Topical Nanointerventions for Therapeutic and Cosmeceutical Applications Vandana B. Patravale and Preshita P. Desai 25. Focal Drug Delivery to the Nail Sudaxshina Murdan 26. Drug Delivery to Wounds, Burns and Diabetes Related Ulcers Sonam Jain, Abraham J. Domb, and Neeraj Kumar 27. Vaginal Drug Delivery Emily A. Krogstad, Michael J. Rathbone, and Kim A. Woodrow 28. Prolonged Duration Local Anesthesia J. Brian McAlvin and Daniel S. Kohane


ISBN-13: 9781461494348
Publisher: Springer (Springer-Verlag New York Inc.)
Publication date: February, 2014
Pages: 310

Subcategories: Pharmacology