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FIGHT YOUR DARK SHADOW Managing Depression with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
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Main description:

FIGHT YOUR DARK SHADOW is not an academic book. It is designed as a tool to assist those who are suffering as a result of depression and for family and friends who support them. The main aim of this book is to inform about this debilitating mental health problem. It explains in layman's terms the different types of depression, the symptoms and the options you have to manage the problem. It discusses medication and gives detailed information about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), the most successful therapy used in the fight against depression and other mental health problems.

It explores how a number of significant factors such as automatic thoughts, depressive thinking and preconceived beliefs that can contribute to depression and suggests ways in which one might be able to review problems. Succinct questions such as "How often does it Happen?" or "What is it exactly I am not happy with? assist the reader to identify the specific problem and thereby find a more focused solution. The book offers important tips for building and maintaining self-esteem and establishing a support system.

FIGHT YOUR DARK SHADOW is based on scientific facts and uses colourful illustrations to visualise each point, which reinforce the message and help remember the most critical elements of the book. The text is easy to understand and mostly held to one page so that it does not overwhelm the reader. The book is full colour and the attractive layout communicates optimism and hope. The cartoon figure guides the reader through the book.

Young people with mood problems find this particularly appealing as it makes the book interesting and even fun. Also because the cartoon figure is male this book is ideal for males suffering from depression.

This book is especially very valuable as an adjunct to therapy and many mental health professionals use it to explain depression and CBT therapy to their clients.

FIGHT YOUR DARK SHADOW has been widely reviewed by mental health professionals and organizations in Australia and comes highly recommended. It is being used in Community Mental Health services, Juvenile Counselling, Secondary Schools, Veterans associations and psychiatric clinics, just to name a few.


ISBN-13: 9781877063145
Publisher: Ingrams (depressionmanaged.com)
Publication date: January, 2007
Pages: None

Subcategories: Psychology