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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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Main description:

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) have emerged as a major phenomenon within the education, health, criminal justice and social care systems of many countries. Current prevalence figures suggest that one in 100 children and young people have FASDs - similar to those for autistic spectrum disorders. With contributions from leading academics, families and professionals from a range of disciplines around the world, this book offers an invaluable and cutting-edge contribution to how we understand and address the complex social, educational and health needs associated with this growing group of children and young people. The multidisciplinary and family perspectives and insights on FASDs create a rich knowledge base grounded in lived experience. Any education, social care, criminal justice or health professional working with children and young people with FASDs and their families will find this book a seminal and authoritative resource.


Part I: Introduction Editors 1. International Overview of FASD Professor Elizabeth Elliot, University of Sydney 2. Prevalence of FASD in the UK Dr Ron Gray, University of Oxford 3. Binge Britain Professor Moira Plant, Alcohol Research Unit, University of the West of England Part II: Families Living with FASD 4. Alcohol and Pregnancy Professor Peter Hepper, Queen's University, Belfast 5. FASD in the Early Years Julia and Simon Brown, Adoptive Parents, FASD Trust 6. FASD Across the Lifespan Sarah and John Miuir, Adoptive Parents 7. Fostering and Adoption Kevin Williams, Chief Executive of TACT 8. Attachment Issues and Children with FASD Eilidh Duncan, Researcher, University of Aberdeen 9. Services for Families of Children with FASD Teresa Whitehurst, Research Officer, Sunfield School Part III: Education 10. Early Intervention and Children with FASD Carolyn Blackburn, Researcher, NOFAS 11. Evolving Pedagogy for Children with FASD Professor Barry Carpenter, Associate Director, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 12. Constructing Learning Pathways for Children with FASD Carolyn Blackburn, Researcher, NOFAS 13. Transition to Adulthood Jo Egerton, Research Co-ordinator, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, and Addie Fleisher, Young Adult with FASD Part IV: Inderdisciplinary Perspectives 14. Diagnosis and the Complexity of FASD Dr Raja Mukherjee, Consultant Psychiatrist, Surrey and Borders NHS 15. Genetics of FASD Dr Margaret Barrow, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, University of Leicester 16. The Baby Bundle Project: Developing Knowledge in Midwives Susan Fleisher, CEO, National Organisation of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 17. Health Management Jill Demilew, Lecturer in Midwifery, King's College Hospital, London 18. Dimensions of Social Care Alison McCormick, Social Worker and Parent 19. Psychological Perspectives Dr Ed Riley, International Researcher, Santiago, US 20. Mental Health and Young People with FASD Dr Raja Mukherjee, Consultant Psychiatrist, Surrey and Borders NHS Part V: International Perspectives 21. North American Perspectives Dr Therese Grant, Research Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, US 22. European Perspectives Diane Black, Coordinator, European Forum for FASD 23. South African Perspectives Professor Denis Viljoen, Foundation for Alcohol Related Research, South Africa 24. The Way Forward Editors


ISBN-13: 9781134515431
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2013
Pages: 276