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Family Therapy Review: Contrasting Contemporary Models
Contrasting Contemporary Models
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Main description:

This unique text uses one common case to demonstrate the applications of a wide range of family therapy models. Readers will find it useful when studying for the national family therapy licensing exam, which requires that exam takers be able to apply these models to case vignettes. The authors, all of whom are practicing family therapists, apply their chosen model of family therapy to a single, hypothetical case to highlight what each model looks like in practice. Beginning therapists will find the exposure to new ideas about therapy useful, and will be better able to establish which approaches they want to explore in more depth. Experienced therapists and supervisors will find it useful to understand what "those other family therapists" are doing, and to meet the challenge of supervising those from different perspectives. Family Therapy Review is the practical tool therapists need to make sense of the field, and meet the varied challenges their clients present.


Section I: Introduction to the Field and Format of the Book. A Brief History of marriage and Family Therapy. Common Foundational Skills and Micro-skills Used in Marriage and Family Therapy. Professional Identity Issues. Section II: Explanation of Format. Common Case. Section III: Models of Family Therapy, Area One: Behavioral. Behavioral Family Therapy. DBT, ABT, and CBT. Trends in 3d Models. Area Two: Psychoanalytic and Experiential Family Therapy. Psychoanalytic and Object Relations Family Therapy. Experiential Family Therapy. Applications to Sex Therapy. Area Three: Intergenerational Family Therapy. Bowen Family Therapy. Contextual Family Therapy. Current Trends. Area Four: Brief Family Therapy. Mental Research Institute. Solution-Focused Therapy. Current Trends. Area Five: Structural/Strategic Family Therapy. Structural Family Therapy. Strategic Family Therapy. Current Trends. Area Six: Language Based Models. Milan Team Therapy. Narrative Therapy. Collaborative Family Therapy. Current Trends. Area Seven: Integrative Models. Functional Family Therapy. Multisystemic Family Therapy. Integrated Strategic University of Miami Model. Section IV: What If It's a Couple, Not a Family? Applications to Couples Therapy. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Behavioral Marital Therapy. Gottman Marital Therapy. Section V: Contextual Issues. Diversity Issues. Feminist Issues. The Interface between Family Therapy and the Diagnosis/Medical Model. Conclusion.


ISBN-13: 9781136243424
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2012
Pages: 312
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 23.00