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Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses
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Main description:

The third edition of Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses develops an innovative practical framework for understanding the ethical and legal dimensions of nursing practice in Australia. Taking a 'relational' approach to practice, the text foregrounds the concepts of personhood, vulnerability and the nurse-patient relationship as the source of a nurse's moral and legal obligations. This approach is central to the book's discussion of key ethical and legal concepts throughout the text including consent and autonomy, negligence and liability, confidentiality and trust, and culturally safe practice. This edition has been thoroughly revised to include the latest research and methods, updated legislation and links to professional documentation, along with a new chapter on aged care. Student learning is supported by case studies, legal case extracts and learning exercises. A new instructor companion website features a curated suite of multimedia resources and extension questions.


1. Understanding the human person; 2. Understanding legal rights and obligations; 3. Nursing and the legal system; 4. The nursing-patient relationship and the regulation of nursing practice; 5. Consent; 6. Duty of care and professional negligence; 7. Culturally safe nursing practice; 8. Patient information and confidentiality; 9. 'Trust me, I'm a nurse'; 10. Witnessing and making mistakes; 11. Issues in abortion and euthanasia; 12. Ethics of aged care: autonomy under threat. The nurse as capacity builder.


ISBN-13: 9781108294966
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: July, 2017
Pages: None

Subcategories: Ethics, Nursing