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Erotic Revelations
Clinical applications and perverse scenarios
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Main description:

Erotic Revelations: Clinical Applications and Perverse Scenarios delves into erotic desires and fantasies ...above all, how our sexuality expresses our inner being and defines the ways in which we engage in the psychoanalytic situation. Andrea Celenza addresses the 'desexualization' of the psychoanalytic field by reclaiming sexuality as one of the many nexes that are of central concern to the patient. She illustrates a wide range of erotic manifestations (for both therapist and patient) and offers recommendations to practitioners for dealing with erotic material when it arises.
Andrea Celenza has divided this book into two parts, with clinical, theoretical, and technical discussions in each chapter: Part I: Varieties and Meanings of Erotic Transferences and Countertransferences * Presents the varieties and meanings of erotic transferences and countertransferences common in clinical situations; * Includes case studies of erotic material used as examples of phases in treatment as well as moments of defensive impasse; * Includes discussions of the management of aggression, underlying merger fantasies, uses of countertransferences (in multiple forms), and dilemmas surrounding self-disclosure. Part II: Perverse Scenarios Revisited * Reconceptualizes and restores the term perversion into the clinical lexicon; * Views perversion as a quality of relating rather than a specific action or behavior; * Presents a wide range of clinical illustrations that demonstrates the usefulness of this reformulation. Erotic Revelations puts sexuality back into psychoanalytic theorizing and makes a place for erotic transferences of whatever shape, in every analysis or therapy.
With a strong clinical focus, this book will redefine how to work with many aspects of sex and gender in clinical psychoanalytic practice and will be an essential resource for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychologists, educators, trainers, students and those with an interest in the mental health field.


Introduction Transcending Binaries. Part I: Erotics Embodied: Varieties and Meanings of Erotic Transferences. Maternal Erotic Transferences and Merger Wishes. Maternal Erotic Transferences: Engaging the Mother Within. Erotic Transferences and the Role of Aggression. The Guilty Pleasure of Erotic Countertransference: Searching for Radial True. Erotic Countertransference Revelations. Part II: Perverse Scenarios Revisited. Perverse Female Scenarios: The Objectified Self. Sadomasochistic Relating: What's Sex Got To Do With It? Fetishes, the Anal Universe and Other Fantasies of One Person Relating. Conclusion Positions of Subjectivity: The Ineluctable Construction of the Self.


ISBN-13: 9781317680277
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2014
Pages: 200