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Equine Genomics
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The complete mapping of the horse genome sequence makes a significant contribution to understanding equine biology. This book provides a timely comprehensive overview of equine genomic research. Chapters detail key accomplishments and the current state of research, as well as looking forward to possible applications of genomic technologies to horse breeding, health, and welfare. Seamlessly edited by a leading equine genomics professor, this book delivers a global overview of the topic and is an indispensable source of information for anyone with an interest in this increasingly important field of study.


Section I: BACKGROUND. Chapter 1: Defining the equine Genome: The Nuclear genome & the Mitochondrial genome. Chapter 2: Genomic Tools &Resources. Section II: GENOME MAPS. Chapter 3: Genetic Linkage maps. Chapter 4: Cytogenetic Map. Chapter 5: Radiation hybrid (RH) and Integrated Map. Chapter 6: Comparative Map. Chapter 7: Partial contig maps for targeted genome analysis. Chapter 8: Whole Genome BAC Contig Map. Chapter 9: Y-Chromosome. Section III. SEQUENCE, NOVEL TOOLS & POTENTIAL APLICATIONS. Chapter 10: Partial sequencing efforts. Chapter 11: Equine major histocompatibility complex: Map and Sequence. Chapter 12: Whole Genome Sequence. Chapter 13: Comparative analysis of the genome sequence. Chapter 14: SNP generation/ SNP-Chip APPLICATION/ future use. Chapter 15: Functional genomics. Section IV. APPLICATIONS. Chapter 16: Coat Color Genomics. Chapter 17: Genomics of skin disorders. Chapter 18: Monogenic disorders. Chapter 19: Genomics of Respiratory Disorders. Chapter 20: Genomics of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders. Chapter 21: Genomics of Reproduction & Fertility. Chapter 22: Genomics of Systemic Disorder. Section IV. EQUID GENOMICS. Chapter 23: Genomics of Equids. Chapter 24: Mitochondrial Genome: Clues about evolution and Genomic diversity within and across breeds.


ISBN-13: 9781118522134
Publisher: Iowa State University Press
Publication date: April, 2013
Pages: 336

Subcategories: Veterinary Medicine