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Enchantments of the Clinic
Power, Eroticism, and Illusion in the Clinical Relationship
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Main description:

Reflecting on his experience in the clinical trenches, a pragmatic existential therapist offers a provocative study of power, erotic influence, and illusion in the clinical relationship. Written in a conversational style that makes a challenging subject accessible to specialists in the clinical professions, teachers and students of the psychological disciplines, and scholars in the humanities and social sciences, Enchantments of the Clinic introduces readers to interesting ways in which language, ideas, and speech as well as illusions of the clinical station enable therapists to cast an unintentional spell that captivates and charms unsuspecting patients. Exposing this suggestive underworld of clinical experience, where the high-stakes game of persuasive dialogical therapy is often won or lost, critical attention is focused on the erotization of the clinic, the erotization of the clinician, and the erotization of clinical confession. Using dramatic examples from clinical practice, Carl P.
Ellerman challenges prevailing dogmas of the therapeutic to demonstrate his thesis that enchantments of the clinic facilitate psychological healing if managed well, but if mismanaged, these volatile erotic enchantments may undermine the struggle against emotional illness in the clinical trenches. This ambitious study of the clinical relationship also addresses the disturbing fact that we are dwelling in a postmodern era in which clinical nihilism is flourishing. Ellerman conceives the dialogical therapist as a potentially dangerous, ethically vulnerable therapeutic artiste, whose strategic encounters in the postmodern clinic may be likened to aesthetic experiences in which an education to reality and a love of truth are obsolete or irrelevant, notwithstanding a clinical masquerade that reinforces in spellbound patients a blind trust in the phantastic therapist's honesty, truthfulness, and intellectual integrity. Embracing the Socratic mystique, Ellerman offers a vigorous philosophic critique of clinical nihilism


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Clinical Trenches Part 2 Part I: Themes Chapter 3 Chapter 1: The Erotization of the Clinic Chapter 4 Chapter 2: The Erotization of the Clinician Chapter 5 Chapter 3: The Erotization of Confession Part 6 Part II: Variations Chapter 7 Chapter 4: The Therapy of Confession Chapter 8 Chapter 5: The Edge of Therapy Chapter 9 Chapter 6: Trail of the Human Serpent Chapter 10 Chapter 7: The Hysterization of Incest Part 11 Part III: Aberrations Chapter 12 Chapter 8: Anarchism and Ethics Chapter 13 Chapter 9: Therapeutic Sensibility Chapter 14 Chapter 10: Clinical Nihilism Chapter 15 Chapter 11: The Therapeutic Artiste Chapter 16 Chapter 12: Normality in the Light of Madness Chapter 17 Conclusion: After the Fall Chapter 18 Appendix: Freud's Ghost Chapter 19 Bibliography


ISBN-13: 9780765707802
Publisher: Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers
Publication date: June, 2010
Pages: 356
Dimensions: 162.00 x 240.00 x 28.00

Subcategories: Psychology, Psychotherapy