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Developing Unrelenting Drive, Dedication, and Determination
A Cognitive Behavior Workbook
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Main description:

Distinct from other success or motivation books that emphasize skills, tactics, or pop gimmicks, Developing Unrelenting Drive, Dedication, and Determination digs deep into the theory and practice of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to grow those qualities of character and personality that drive one to relentlessly do what is necessary to produce the great results one wants in life. Each chapter begins with an engaging discussion of that chapter's theme, replete with interesting real-life examples. Then comes a detailed step-by-step workshop that contains guided exercises that aid readers in building that character trait in others or themselves. Provided next are three powerful intensifiers to strengthen and integrate the trait into one's character structure. Following that are cogent suggestions to integrate that chapter's character trait into an organization's culture. Last, suggested readings are provided for those interested in further pursuing the building of that trait.
Developing Unrelenting Drive, Dedication, and Determination is designed to instruct helping professionals in the REBT approach, to be a resource to work collaboratively with their patients or clients, and to be a sourcebook for the interested layperson.


1 The Unrelenting Drive, Dedication, and Determination Factor: Great results are always within our grasp - but what does it take? 2 Unconditional Personal Responsibility: The royal road to great results - living by your word, outside of circumstances 3 Passionate Purpose: Passion fuels Unrelenting Drive, Dedication, and Determination - but what is it that fuels passion? 4 Fearlessness: Unlocking the door to boldness - freedom from ego 5 Interpersonal Intelligence: Building the strong relationships you need to help you succeed - it starts with the heart 6 Mental Muscle: The tools to build mental toughness - the Power of Focus and the Power of Belief 7 Robust Vitality: Building high, sustained energy - physical, mental, and emotional 8 Harmony at Home: A happy home life - the foundation for laser-like focus, zest, and powerful effort 9 Epilogue: Going forward with gusto Acknowledgments About Russell Grieger Index


ISBN-13: 9781317288336
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2017
Pages: 184

Subcategories: Psychotherapy