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Decisive Parenting
Strategies That Work with Teenagers
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Main description:

Decisive Parenting teaches parents concrete skills for quickly and permanently altering their teenagers' problem behaviors, ranging from argumentativeness and neglecting chores or homework to more serious issues such as shoplifting, underage drinking, and drug use. Michael Hammond provides clear, easy-to-follow, and proven solutions to permanently stop negative behavior while establishing good behavior in its place. By adapting Hammond's 'active consequences' strategy, parents can expect to see major changes in their teenagers' behavior in three to six weeks, as well as great improvement in the parent-child relationship.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 How to Use This Book Chapter 3 Chapter I: Building A Secure Foundation Chapter 4 Chapter 1: Rules?Establishing a Firm Foundation Chapter 5 Chapter 2: Write the Rules for Your Teen Chapter 6 Chapter 3: Natural and Logical Consequences Chapter 7 Chapter 4: Active Consequences for Challenging Situations Chapter 8 Chapter 5: Level Systems, Point Economies, and Contracts Chapter 9 Chapter 6: Communication That Gets the Results You Want Chapter 10 Chapter 7: Conflict Resolution with Teenagers Chapter 11 Chapter 8: Reinforcers for Behaviors You Want to See Repeated Chapter 12 Chapter II: Problem Behaviors and What to Do about Them Chapter 13 Chapter 9: Arguing Chapter 14 Chapter 10: Chore Completion Chapter 15 Chapter 11: Driving Chapter 16 Chapter 12: Drug and Alcohol Use Chapter 17 Chapter 13: Friends Chapter 18 Chapter 14: Information Technology Chapter 19 Chapter 15: Lying Chapter 20 Chapter 16: Running Away Chapter 21 Chapter 17: School Assignments and Homework Chapter 22 Chapter 18: Sexual Activity Chapter 23 Chapter 19: Sibling Fighting Chapter 24 Chapter 20: Stealing Chapter 25 Chapter 21: Swearing Chapter 26 Chapter 22: Television Chapter 27 Chapter 23: Tobacco Use Chapter 28 Chapter 24: Truancy Chapter 29 Chapter 25: Violence Chapter 30 Chapter 26: Whereabouts and Curfew Chapter 31 Epilogue: Every Good Thing Chapter 32 References and Suggested Reading Chapter 33 Index Chapter 34 About the Author


ISBN-13: 9780765707659
Publisher: Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers
Publication date: December, 2012
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 151.00 x 229.00 x 16.00

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy