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Cuts and Criminality
Body Alteration in Legal Discourse
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Main description:

This book investigates how and why the criminal law differentiates between different types of body alterations, with particular reference to how they are conceptualised within legal discourse. By drawing connections between types of body alteration that have traditionally been considered separately and discretely, the book allows analytical conclusions to be made about the law's treatment of the general category of 'body alteration' rather than merely about specific types of body alteration. Taking legal discourse as its analytical focus, the author critically examines a number of case studies to determine the techniques and processes by which some body alterations are discursively constructed as legitimate and legally approved, and by which other body alterations are discursively constructed as illegitimate and legally sanctioned. Specifically, the body alterations that are addressed include sadomasochistic injuries; female genital modification and male circumcision; cosmetic surgery, body modification and healthy limb amputation; and sex reassignment surgery and genital 'normalisation' surgery.
International in scope, the discursive analysis in the book will be of interest to academics and researchers working in the areas of socio-legal and cultural studies.


Contents: Introduction; Analytical approach: theoretical basis and key concepts; Sadomasochistic injuries: harmful crime or harmless pastime?; Genital cutting: the disparity between female genital modification and male circumcision; Aesthetic alterations: what healthy limb amputation can tell us about cosmetic surgery and body modification; Sex surgeries: defusing transgression through genital normalisation and sex reassignment; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781472445124
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
Publication date: April, 2015
Pages: None

Subcategories: General Issues