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Current Findings on Males with Eating Disorders
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Main description:

The subgroup of males with eating disorders has been understudied, and this book presents the most comprehensive look at this topic since Arnold Andersen edited the text Males with Eating Disorders in 1990. This monograph represents both original research and reviews of other studies based on a special issue of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, with additional added chapters. Representing international contributions from researchers and clinicians in nine countries, this cross-section includes chapters on etiology, sociocultural and gender issues, symptom presentation, assessment, medical and psychological concerns, treatment, recovery, and prevention.


Cohn, Introduction. Andersen, A Brief History of Eating Disorders in Males. Part I: Etiology (Sociocultural and Gender Issues). Strother, Lemberg, Stanford, Tuberville, Eating Disorders in Men: Under-Diagnosed, Undertreated, and Misunderstood. Wooldridge, Lytle, An Overview of Anorexia Nervosa in Males. Nash, A Literature Review of Bulimia on the Male Gender and Implications for Clinicians. Dakanalis, Di Mattei, Bagliacca, Prunas, Sarno, Riva, Zanetti, Disordered Eating Behaviors among Italian Men: Objectifying Media and Sexual Orientation Differences. Murray, Boon, Touyz, Diverging Eating Psychopathology in Transgendered Eating Disorder Patients: A Report of Two Cases. Part II: Assessment Darcy, Lin, Are We Asking the Right Questions? A Review of Assessment of Males with Eating Disorders. Stanford, Lemberg, A Clinical Comparison of Men and Women on the Eating Disorder Inventory-3 (EDI-3) and the Eating Disorder Assessment for Men (EDAM).. Stanford, Lemberg, Measuring Eating Disorders in Men: Development of the Eating Disorder Assessment for Men (EDAM). Reas, Overas, Ro, Norms for the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) among High School and University Men. Part III: Medical and Psychological Concerns Claes, Jimenez-Murcia, Aguera, Villarejo, Santamaria, Granero, Fernandez-Aranda, Eating Disorders and Pathological Gambling in Males: Can They be Differentiated by Means of Weight History and Temperament and Character Traits? Norris, Apsimon, Harrison, Obeid, Buchholz, Henderson, Spettigue, An Examination of Medical and Psychological Morbidity in Adolescent Males with Eating Disorders. Walker, Murray, Body Checking and Avoidance Behavior in Men: Current Findings and Future Directions. Part IV: Treatment Weltzin, Cornella-Carlson, Fitzpatrick, Kennington, Bean, Jefferies, Treatment Issues and Outcomes for Males with Eating Disorders. Bunnell, Maine, Understanding and Treating Males with Eating Disorders. Part V: Recovery and Prevention Bjork, Wallin, Pettersen, Male Experiences of Life after Recovery from an Eating Disorder. Mond, Hay, Mitchison, Eating Disorders Behavior in Men: Prevalence, Impairment in Quality of Life, and Implications for Prevention and Health Promotion.


ISBN-13: 9781135046552
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2013
Pages: 232