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Counseling Military Families
What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know
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Main description:

How does the military really work? What issues are constants for military families, and what special stresses do they face? Counseling Military Families provides the best available overview of military life, including demographic information and examples of military family issues. Chapters focus on vital issues such as the unique circumstances of reservists, career service personnel, spouses, and children, and present treatment models and targeted interventions tailored for use with military families. Counseling Military Families provides clinicians with the tools they need to make a difference in the lives of families in transition, including those who may have an ingrained resistance to asking for help and who may be available for counseling for a relatively short period of time.


Foreword to the Second Edition, by Bret Moore Foreword to the First Edition, by Mary Wertsch Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: Setting the Stage 1. Introduction: Rational and Purpose 2. Military Service Members Part 2: The Military Family 3. The Unique Culture of the Military 4. The Military Family 5. The Children 6. Other Military Families to Consider Part 3: Working with Military Families 7. Major Challenges of Military Families 8. The Transition Journey 9. Effective Interventions 10. Military Family Case Studies. References Appendix A: Organizations and Programs Appendix B: Resources for Kids and Families Appendix C: Resources for Mental Health Providers Appendix D: Military Service Web Sites Appendix E: Glossary of Military Acronyms Appendix F: Military Glossary of Terms Appendix G: Rank and Pay Grade Charts Index


ISBN-13: 9781134494859
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: May, 2016
Pages: 328

Subcategories: Psychotherapy