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Core Topics in Airway Management
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Every anaesthetist reaches the end of their career with a collection of difficult airway experiences. Managing airway challenges relies on a combination of good clinical practice, knowledge of relevant basic sciences and critical evaluation of every aspect of airway care. This new edition of Core Topics in Airway Management provides any trainee or consultant involved in airway techniques with practical, clinically relevant coverage of the core skills and knowledge required to manage airways in a wide variety of patients and clinical settings. All new procedures and equipment are reviewed, and detailed chapters advise on airway issues in a range of surgical procedures. This edition also contains a series of practical questions and answers, enabling the reader to evaluate their knowledge. Written by leading airway experts with decades of experience managing difficult airways, Core Topics in Airway Management, 2nd edition is an invaluable tool for anaesthetists, intensivists, and emergency physicians.


Preface; Part I. Basic Science: 1. Anatomy John Picard; 2. Airway physics Andrew Farmery; 3. Hypoxaemia Andrew Farmery; 4. Airway reflexes Jeremy Langton; 5. Cleaning and disinfection Adrian Pearce; Part II. Clinical: 6. Airway management - basic principles Ian Calder and Adrian Pearce; 7. Difficult airways - causes and identification Ian Calder; 8. Obstructive sleep apnoea Peter Venn; 9. Face masks and supra glottic airways Tim Cook; 10. Tracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes Viki Mitchell; 11. Airway damage - iatrogenic and traumatic Anil Patel; 12. Tracheal intubation - direct laryngoscopy John Henderson; 13. Tracheal intubation - flexible fibreoptic Mansukh Popat and Mridula Rai; 14. Tracheal intubation - alternative 'blind' techniques Adrian Pearce and Brian Prater; 15. Tracheal intubation - alternative 'visual' techniques Pieter Borg and Ankie Hamaekers; 16. Misplacement of tracheal tubes Om Sanehi; 17. Extubation Viki Mitchell; 18. The aspiration problem Richard Vanner; 19. The lost airway Chris Frerk and Priya Gauthama; Part III. Specialties: 20. Obstetrics Steve Yentis; 21. Paediatrics Philippa Evans; 22. Bariatrics Mark Bellamy; 23. Facio-maxillary surgery including trauma Joy Curran; 24. Dental anaesthesia Jane Stanford; 25. ENT surgery Anil Patel; 26. The cervical spine Ian Calder; 27. Thoracic Adrian Pearce; 28. Intensive care Andy Bodenham; 29. Airway management with limited resources Derek Barrett and Eric Hodgson; Part IV. Ethics and the Law: 30. Ethics Andy McLeod and Steve Yentis; 31. Legal Andy McLeod and Steve Yentis; Part V. Exam Questions: 32. The bleeding tonsils Anil Patel; 33. Epiglottis Anil Patel; 34. Haematoma plus thyroidectomy Ian Calder; 35. Foreign body Anil Patel; 36. OSA and full stomach Richard Vanner; 37. Broken neck Ian Calder; 38. Rheumatoid Ian Calder; 39. Facial fractures Joy Curran; 40. Broncho-pleural fistula Adrian Pearce; 41. Ludwig's angina Viki Mitchell; 42. Autistic child Eric Hodgson; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781107212602
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: December, 2010
Pages: 228
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 20.00

Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine, Physiology, Respiratory Medicine