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Core Competencies in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy
Becoming a Highly Effective and Competent Brief Dynamic Psychotherapist
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Main description:

This book addresses the essential clinical competencies required to conduct brief dynamic therapy. Authors Jeffrey L. Binder and Ephi J. Betan discuss the conceptual foundation of their treatment model, and the application of this framework in forming and maintaining a therapeutic alliance, assessment, case formulation, implementing a treatment plan, termination, and treatment evaluation. All topics include a multicultural perspective and sensitivity to ethical issues. Binder and Betan attempt to bridge practice and research by consistently incorporating relevant research findings. Graduate students in the mental health fields and beginning therapists will find in this text the basic concepts and principles of brief dynamic psychotherapy presented in a clear and straightforward style, with many clinical examples drawn from detailed patient and therapist interchanges. Seasoned psychotherapists will find in Binder and Betan's discussions of case formulation and therapeutic discourse a fresh treatment of classic ideas about the therapeutic value of constructing personal narratives.
At all times, the authors explicitly tie the components of their approach to the competencies required of the brief dynamic therapist. In the current environment of accountability for results, attention is given to the ongoing assessment of therapeutic progress and ultimate outcomes. This text is a scholarly yet practical guide to the evidence-based practice of brief dynamic psychotherapy.


1. Introducing the Clinical Competencies of Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy 2. Understanding the Conceptual Basis of Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy 3. Forming an Effective Therapeutic Alliance 4. Maintaining an Effective Therapeutic Alliance 5. Performing an Integrative BDP Assessment 6. Developing a BDP Case Conceptualization and Intervention Plan 7. Interventions: Inquiry and Dialogue 8. Monitoring and Evaluating Clinical Outcomes 9. Planning for Termination and Maintaining Treatment Gains 10. Practicing BPD with Cultural and Ethical Sensitivity 11. Becoming a Highly Competent and Effective BDP Therapist


ISBN-13: 9781136870385
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2012
Pages: 232

Subcategories: Psychotherapy