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Computed Tomography & Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of The Whole Body E-Book
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Main description:

The updated 5th edition of this easy-to-read, comprehensive resource is now in full color to provide you with enhanced understanding of this highly visual field. Clinically focused, it provides quick access to step-by-step descriptions of all MR and CT imaging applications in every anatomic area, with particular emphasis on the revolutionary multislice CT. Use the latest sectional imaging approaches to accurately diagnose a full range of conditions. Any radiologist will find this book indispensable for CT and MR imaging.



Part I: Brain and Meninges
, Edited by Michael Forsting

1 Normal Anatomy, Haibo Xu, Haojun Shi, Hanping Wu

2 Intracranial Neoplasms, Stephen A. Kieffer, Jeffrey R. Brace

3 Cerebral Infections and Inflammation, Chi-Shing Zee, Doaying Geng, John L. Go, Paul E. Kim, Jamshid Ahmadi, Hervey D. Segall

4 Stroke, Michael Forsting

5 Cerebral Aneurysms and Cerebrovascular Malformations, Theodore C. Larson III

6 Central Nervous System Trauma, John J. Wasenko, Leo Hochhauser

7 Neurodegenerative Disorders, Andrei I. Holodny, Ajax E. George, Mony J. de Leon, Sassan Karimi, James Golomb

8 Brain Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Jay J. Pillai, Lester Kwock, Alena Horská

9 Meningeal Processes, Melanie B. Fukui, Carolyn Cidis Meltzer

10 Leukoencephalopathies and Demyelinating Disease, Barton Lane

Part II: Imaging of the Head and Neck Edited by Michael Forsting

11 Orbit, Colin S. Poon, Michael Abrahams, James Abrahams

12 Temporal Bone, Hartmut Becker, Andreas Mangold

13 Sinonasal Cavity, Nasopharynx, and Oropharynx, Eric Nyberg, Sherif Gamal Nour, Jonathan S. Lewin, Daniel Hsu, Charles F. Lanzieri

14 Cervical Adenopathy and Neck Masses, Thomas Vogl, Sotirios Bisdas

15 Larynx. Hugh D. Curtin

16 Pediatric Head and Neck Imaging, John C. Egelhoff, Bernadette L. Koch

Part III: Imaging of the Spine, Edited by Michael Forsting

17 Spinal Cord, Kristine Blackham, Jeffrey L. Sunshine

18 Degenerative Diseases of the Spine, David S. Jacobs

19 Extramedullary Spinal Tumors, Birgit Ertl-Wagner, Andrea Baur-Melnyk

20 Infections of the Spine, Tobias Engelhorn, Arnd Doerfler

21 Image-Guided Spinal Interventions, Ralf-Thorsten Hoffmann, Andrea Baur-Melnyk

Part IV: Imaging of the Chest, Edited by Robert C. Gilkeson

22 Nonneoplastic Parenchymal Lung Disease, Tomás Franquet

23 Primary Pulmonary Neoplasms, Jeremy J. Erasmus, H. Page McAdams, Santiago E. Rossi

24 Mediastinum. Santiago Martinez, H. Page McAdams, Jeremy J. Erasmus

25 Pleura and Chest Wall, Najib M. Rahman, Fergus V. Gleeson

26 Airway. Phillip M. Boiselle

27 Thoracic Aorta, Robert C. Gilkeson, Scott Kolodny

28 Heart and Pericardium, Lynn S. Broderick

29 Coronary Artery Disease, Patricia Carrascosa, Carlos Capuñay, Robert C. Gilkeson


Part V: Gastrointestinal Imaging
, Edited by Hyun Kwon Ha

30 Gastrointestinal Tract, Hyun Kwon Ha, Seong Ho Park, Seung Soo Lee, Ah Young Kim

31 Biliary Tract and Gallbladder, Jae Hoon Lim, Kyoung Won Kim, Dongil Choi

32 Liver: Normal Anatomy, Imaging Techniques, and Diffuse Diseases, Daniel T. Boll, Elmar M. Merkle

33 Liver: Focal Hepatic Mass Lesions, Osamu Matsui, Satoshi Kobayashi, Tosifumi Gabata, Kazuhiko Ueda

34 Liver Transplantation, Raj M. Paspulati

35 Pancreas, Nisha Sainani, Onofrio Catalano, Dushyant Sahani

36 Peritoneum, John R. Haaga, Perry J. Pickhardt

37 Mesentery, Yong Ho Auh, Sophia Kung, George Shih

38 Spleen, Dean A. Nakamoto

Part VI: Genitourinary Imaging, Edited by Vikram S. Dogra

39 Contrast Nephropathy and Its Prevention, Sameh K. Morcos

40 Adrenal Glands, Timothy J. Welch, Shannon P. Sheedy, Patrick F. Sheedy II

41 Kidney, Shweta Bhatt, Vikram S. Dogra

42 Retroperitoneum, Drew A. Torigian, Parvati Ramchandani

43 Male Pelvis, Henry S. Su, Mukesh G. Harisinghani

44 Female Pelvis, Rosemarie Forstner, Karen Kinkel

Part VII: Imaging of the Musculoskeletal System, Edited by Murali Sundaram

45 Musculoskeletal Tumors, Amilcare Gentili, Berna Dirim, Ronald J. Boucher

46 Shoulder, Kenneth Sheah, Miriam A. Bredella

47 Ankle and Foot, Ken L. Schreibman, Richard Bruce

48 Knee, Romulo Baltazar, Calvin Ma, Steven Shankman, Javier Beltran

49 Hip, Mark D. Murphey, Cheryl A. Petersilge

Part VIII: Image-Guided Intervention and Basic Science, Edited by John R. Haaga

50 Image-Guided Interventions: CT Emphasis, John R. Haaga, Timothy L. Haaga, Hanping Wu

51 Basic CT Physics, Instrumentation, and Parameters for Dose Management, John R. Haaga, Floro Miraldi, Ernest J. Wiesen

52 MRI Physics, Techniques, and General Clinical Artifacts, Mark Griswold, Vikas Gulani

53 Introduction to Clinical Positron Emission Tomography, Peter F. Faulhaber, Raymond F. Muzic, Jr.



ISBN-13: 9780323076210
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: December, 2008
Pages: 2904

Subcategories: Radiology