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Complicated War Trauma and Care of the Wounded
The Israeli Experience in Medical Care and Humanitarian Support of Syrian Refugees
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Main description:

This book presents carefully selected case reports that document some of the most important lessons learned at Ziv Medical Center, the northernmost Israeli hospital responsible for the medical care and support of wounded and patients from the Syrian civil war. The aim is to provide practitioners with new knowledge on effective ways of dealing with the emergencies encountered in the context of such conflicts. The case reports cover in particular the specialties of Trauma and Critical Care, Orthopedics, and Surgery, but also relate to Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Psychiatric Care. Some of the cases of trauma are of a nature not previously encountered by Western medicine, and include instances in which multidisciplinary care played a vital role. Featuring many informative illustrations, the book will be of value for all who work in emergency and military medicine and related disciplines, from novices to the more experienced.


1 Foreword, Dr. Zarka

2 Ethics Aspects

3 Mental trauma in the war refugees

4 Treatment and support patients with mental war trauma

5 Abdominal injury

6 The case of Hala

7 Damage Control

8 Pelvic Injury

9 Vascular Trauma

10 Chest trauma

11 Multidisciplinary care of 13-years-old patient

12 Anesthesia for trauma wounded

13 High velocity bullets uro-genital combat injuries: lessons from the Syrian war

14 Neglected fracture of femoral head with hip dislocation

15 Complex lower limb deformity in pediatric patient after blast injury with extensive tissue damage and loss. A case report.

16 Acute shortening and angulation for limb salvage after high-energy blast injury

17 Staged External Fixation protocol in treatment of complex limb trauma

18 Upper Extremity War Injuries

19 Open comminuted proximal femoral fracture - Staged treatment protocol

20 Staged treatment protocol for salvage after hind foot blast injury

21 Pneumonia

22 Acute myeloid leukemia

23 Revisable war induced renal failure

24 Mediastinal masses

25 Complex war injuries: addressing the needs of the war-wounded

26 Savage war injuries: the alleviation of suffering

27 Non conventional management of bleeding dysgerminoma in adolescent Syrian female

28 Craniomaxillofacial Bullet Injury

29 Ophthalmic surgery in a combat zone -Functioning under stress and shortage

30 Delivering bad news- can we do better?

31 Delivery of a 15-year-old Syrian woman with transverse lie twins

32 Multiple malformations embryo in a Syrian pregnant patient


ISBN-13: 9783319533391
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: June, 2017
Pages: None

Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine, Hepatology, Nursing