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Compassion, Caring and Communication
Skills for Nursing Practice
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Compassion and caring are at the very heart of nursing - possibly that's why you were attracted to the nursing profession in the first place. But what does compassionate caring really mean in nursing practice? Compassion, Caring and Communication: Skills for Nursing Practice is a practical book that guides you through the complex dimensions of caring. It considers the ways in which you connect with patients, families and co-workers, and the long-lasting impact of emotions and feelings. Using real life narratives, case studies and reflection activities, the authors demonstrate how you can develop and maintain the empathy and communication skills you need to create effective caring partnerships.


Contents Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Chapter 1 Creating a caring discourse Learning objectives Introduction Is caring still at the heart of nursing? Using stories to create a caring discourse Connecting with patients using emotional labour Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators References Chapter 2 Caring as a two-way process of giving and receiving Learning objectives Introduction Images of nurses Achieving a connected relationship Learning further from our relationships Nurses have needs too Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators References Chapter 3 Caring with compassion Learning objectives Introduction What is compassionate care? Using patient experience Partnerships in care - who knows best? The need for anti-discriminatory practice. Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators References Chapter 4 Bonds, boundaries and balance in the emotional world of nursing Learning objectives Introduction Caring for people - emotional work Coping with difficult situations The importance of boundaries in care Learning to keep a balance Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators References Chapter 5 Creating caring partnerships with service users and their families Learning objectives Introduction Living with a member of the family who has dementia Creating caring partnerships with carers The complexity of caring partnerships & Caring and the challenges of concordance Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators Further reading References Chapter 6 Transformative learning - being and becoming Learning objectives Introduction What our emotions do for us The emotional part of learning Learning from the language of metaphors Emotional intelligence Articulating and accepting our feelings Summary Looking forward Activity Caring Indicators References Chapter 7 Promoting a culture of caring Learning objectives Introduction The individual as part of a caring community Caring is using our creativity to find solutions Summary Looking forward Activity Caring indicators References Chapter 8 The BOND framework of compassionate care. Learning objectives Introduction Looking at the BOND framework Caring by being and becoming Caring by overcoming obstacles Caring by noticing Caring by doing Using the BOND framework Summary Looking forward Activity References Chapter 9 Looking back and moving forward Learning objectives Introduction Reviewing our journey Our thoughts about the importance of stories Stepping into the future Helping to create and maintain a culture of compassionate caring The value of nursing as emotional and social capital Summary Activity References Index Appendix 1 - Themes and caring indicators


ISBN-13: 9781317902515
Publisher: Pearson (Pearson Education Limited)
Publication date: January, 2013
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 170.00 x 239.00 x 11.00