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Cognitive Neuropsychology of Language (Psychology Revivals)
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Main description:

Damage to the brain can impair language in many different ways, severely harming some linguistic functions whilst sparing others. To achieve some understanding of the apparently bewildering diversity of language disorders, it is necessary to interpret impaired linguistic performance by relating it to a model of normal linguistic performance. Originally published in 1987, this book describes the application of such models of normal language processing to the interpretation of a wide variety of linguistic disorders. It deals with both the production and the comprehension of language, with language at both the sentence and the single-word level, with written as well as with spoken language and with acquired as well as with developmental disorders.


Preface. 1 Max Coltheart Functional Architecture of the Language-Processing System 2 David Howard Reading Without Letters? 3 Giuseppe Sartori, Jacqueline Masterson and Remo Job Direct-Route Reading and the Locus of Lexical Decision 4 Daniel Bub, Sandra Black, Janice Howell and Andrew Kertesz Speech Output Processes and Reading 5 Tim Shallice Impairments of Semantic Processing: Multiple Dissociations 6 David Caplan Contrasting Patterns of Sentence Comprehension Deficits in Aphasia 7 Lorraine K. Tyler Spoken Language Comprehension in Aphasia: A Real-Time Processing Perspective 8 Myrna F. Schwartz Patterns of Speech Production Deficit Within and Across Aphasia Syndromes: Application of a Psycholinguistic Model 9 Domenico Parisi Grammatical Disturbances of Speech Production 10 Rita Sloan Berndt Symptom Co-occurrence and Dissociation in the Interpretation of Agrammatism 11 Gabriele Miceli, Maria Caterina Silveri and Alfonso Caramazza The Role of the Phoneme-to-Grapheme Conversion System and of the Graphemic Output Buffer in Writing 12 Diane Miller and Andrew W. Ellis Speech and Writing Errors in 'Neologistic Jargonaphasia': A Lexical Activation Hypothesis 13 Karalyn Patterson and Christina Shewell Speak and Spell: Dissociations and Word-Class Effects 14 Helgard Kremin Is There More Than Ah-oh-oh? Alternative Strategies for Writing and Repeating Lexically 15 Gianfranco Denes, Sandra Balliello, Virginia Volterra and Andrea Pellegrini Phonemic Deafness in Infancy and Acquisition of Written Language 16 Philip H.K. Seymour Developmental Dyslexia: A Cognitive Experimental Analysis 17 Andrew W. Ellis Intimations of Modularity, or, the Modelarity of Mind: Doing Cognitive Neuropsychology Without Syndromes. Index


ISBN-13: 9781317859970
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Psychology Press Ltd)
Publication date: September, 2013
Pages: 432