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Clinical Work with Substance-Abusing Clients, Second Edition
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Main description:

This widely adopted text offers practical guidance for working with substance abusers and their families in a variety of clinical contexts. Expert contributors present widely used assessment and treatment approaches together with detailed recommendations for intervening with specific substances and meeting the needs of different populations. Throughout, helpful case vignettes illustrate how to translate the ideas presented into practice and overcome common stumbling blocks. Practitioners and students will find all the information needed to stay current in the field in this authoritative, comprehensive, and highly accessible work.


Part I: An Introduction to Clinical Practice with Substance-Abusing Clients. Straussner, Assessment and Treatment of Clients with Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Problems: An Overview. Part II: Varying Perspectives on Intervention with Substance Abusers. Hanson, El-Bassel, Motivating Substance-Abusing Clients through the Helping Process. Seiger, The Clinical Practice of Harm Reduction. Berg, Shafer, Working with Mandated Substance Abusers: The Language of Solutions. Orlin, O'Neill, Davis, Assessment and Intervention with Clients Who Have Coexisting Psychiatric and Substance-Related Disorders. Spiegel, Fewell, 12-Step Programs as a Treatment Modality. Gray, Gibson, Relapse Prevention. Part III: Intervention with Abusers of Different Substances. O'Dwyer, Treatment of Alcohol Problems. Friedman, Wilson, Treatment for Opiate Addiction. Ockert, Baier, Coons, Treatment of Stimulant Dependence. Part IV: Assessment and Intervention with Families of Substance Abusers. McIntyre, Family Treatment of Substance Abuse. Zelvin, Treating the Partners of Substance Abusers. Markowitz, Dynamics and Treatment Issues with Children of Drug and Alcohol Abusers. Part V: Special Issues and Special Populations. Freshman, Assessment and Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abusers. Farkas, Substance Abuse Problems among Older Adults. Pape, Assessment and Intervention with Alcohol - and Drug-Abusing Women. Goldstein, Substance Abusers with Borderline Disorders. Senreich, Vairo, Treatment of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Substance Abusers. Scheffler, Substance Abuse in Homeless Persons. Gant, Strom, HIV/AIDS and Intravenous Drug Users: Issues and Treatment Implications. Part VI: Looking Toward the Future. Straussner, Practice and Policy Issues.


ISBN-13: 9781609180898
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: January, 2006
Pages: 494
Dimensions: 162.00 x 230.00 x 23.00