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Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke
Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Disorders following Vascular Brain Injury
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Main description:

This second edition, published in 2006, covers the range of neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with stroke, including cognitive, emotional and behavioural disorders such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. There is growing recognition among a wide range of clinicians and allied healthcare staff that post-stroke neuropsychiatric syndromes are common and serious. Such complications can have a negative impact on recovery and even survival; however, there is now evidence suggesting that pre-emptive therapeutic intervention in high-risk patient groups can prevent the initial onset of the conditions. This opportunity for primary prevention marks a huge advance in the management of this patient population.


1. Recent trends in the epidemiology of stroke; 2. Historical perspective; 3. Brain organization and cerebral basis of emotion; 4. Vascular anatomy and classification of stroke; 5. Diagnosis of depression; 6. Prevalence of depressive disorders; 7. Phenomenology and specificity of depressive disorders; 8. Natural course of depression; 9. Delayed-onset depression (proofed); 10. Relationship to lesion location; 11. Relationship of depression to cerebral dominance and structural asymmetries; 12. Relationship of depression to bilateral hemisphere brain injury; 13. Relationship of depression to physical impairment; 14. Relationship to cognitive impairment and treatment; 15. Relationship of aphasia to depression; 16. Relationship of depression to social functioning; 17. Relationship to premorbid risk factors; 18. Mortality and treatment; 19. Suicidal thoughts and plans; 20. Biological markers; 21. Mechanisms of poststroke depression; 22. Treatment of poststroke depression; 23. Prevention of poststroke depression; 24. Prevalence and clinical symptoms; 25. Clinical and lesion correlates of poststroke mania; 26. Bipolar disorder following stroke; 27. Mechanism of mania following stroke; 28. Treatment of mania following stroke; 29. Prevalence and specificity of clinical symptoms; 30. Clinical and lesion correlates; 31. Longitudinal course; 32. Relationship of anxiety to outcome; 33. Mechanism and treatment of poststroke anxiety disorder; 34. Psychosis; 35. Anosognosia and denial of illness; 36. Catastrophic reaction; 37. Apathy; 38. Disturbance of prosody; 39. Irritability and aggression; 40. Pathological laughing and crying; 41. Summary and future directions.


ISBN-13: 9780511159015
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: February, 2006
Pages: 480
Dimensions: 174.00 x 247.00 x 26.00