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Clinical Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders
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Main description:

Bringing together the expertise of leading research practitioners in the
field, the second edition of Clinical Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders is an up-to-date reference for the underlying theory and the basic principles of assessment and treatment. This book provides a solid foundation in the conceptual framework essential for classifying and differentiating disorders according to clinical categories. It covers the theory underlying measurement strategies including acoustic, kinematic, aerodynamic, and electromyographic techniques, and guides the reader through treatments for each disorder.

New in this edition is a comprehensive section with in-depth coverage of the diseases, syndromes, and pathologic conditions which are accompanied by sensorimotor speech disorders. These chapters provide concise descriptions of the disease and its signs and symptoms, neuropathology, epidemiology, and etiology. Each chapter goes on to present the speech impairment associated with the disorder and its signs and symptoms, etiology, neuropathology, associated cognitive, linguistic, and communicative signs and symptoms, special diagnostic considerations, treatment, and key references.


  • Clear articulation of theoretical issues provides a
    strong foundation for the clinical management of the dysarthrias, apraxia, and
    speech problems secondary to hearing loss

  • New chapter on neurogenic fluency disorders

  • Extensive discussion of neuropathologic conditions that
    cause sensorimotor speech disorders

Authoritative and comprehensive, this
expanded edition will prove to be the reference of choice for students in speech-language pathology programs as well as clinicians and researchers.


ISBN-13: 2370004333649
Publisher: Thieme
Publication date: June, 2008
Pages: 448

Subcategories: Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)