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Clinical Biochemistry
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Main description:

Clinical Biochemistry Lecture Notes presents the fundamental science behind common biochemical investigations used in clinical practice. Taking a system-based approach, it explores the underlying physiological rationale for tests, with each test explained within the context of disruption by disease. It also explores the value and limitations of biochemical investigations, while helping readers to quickly develop the knowledge and skills required to select the appropriate investigations for diagnosis and management, and to correctly interpret test results. Case studies throughout chapters place the information within a clinical context to further assist readers in the development of test-selection and interpretation skills.
Key features include:
A comprehensive, yet concise overview of the science behind common biochemical investigationsHelps readers rapidly acquire a fully integrated, practical understanding of biochemical diagnosticsFull-colour flowcharts and algorithms detailing the rationale for tests, the biochemical processes involved, and test procedures, for quick comprehension and referenceMore clinical cases demonstrating application to practice
Now in its tenth edition, this classic introductory, reference, and revision text is indispensable to medical students, and all those who want to quickly acquire a practical understanding of the scientific principles underpinning biochemical tests and a working knowledge of test selection, test procedures, and the interpretation of results within a clinical context.


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1 Requesting and interpreting tests
2 Disturbances of water, sodium and potassium balance
3 Acid base balance and oxygen transport
4 Renal disease
5 Disorders of calcium, phosphate and magnesium metabolism
6 Diabetes mellitus and hypoglycaemia
7 Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary
8 Abnormalities of thyroid function
9 Disorders of the adrenal cortex and medulla
10 Investigation of gonadal function infertility, menstrual irregularities and hirsutism
11 Pregnancy and antenatal screening
12 Cardiovascular disorders
13 Liver disease
14 Gastrointestinal tract disease
15 Nutrition
16 Inflammation, immunity and paraproteinaemia
17 Malignancy and tumour markers
18 Disorders of iron and porphyrin metabolism
19 Uric acid, gout and purine metabolism
20 Central nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid
21 Therapeutic drug monitoring and chemical toxicology
22 Clinical biochemistry in paediatrics and the elderly


ISBN-13: 9781119248699
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
Publication date: September, 2017
Pages: 304

Subcategories: Biochemistry, General Practice, Physiology