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Clinical Addiction Psychiatry
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Main description:

Clinical Addiction Psychiatry is an anthology of essays that represent the most current and authoritative information now available on addiction theory, practice and research, covering dozens of provocative, fascinating and essential subdomains of the field. Each chapter is authored by a recognized authority in the field and detailed attention is paid to environment, genetics, culture and spirituality as well as treatment and pharmacology. History, street culture, and medical science are brought together in masterful discussions that encompass the full spectrum of addictive disorders, emphasizing assessment and clinical management. This unique resource gathers complex medical and scientific data in a way which is accessible to both health care professionals and readers without medical or psychology backgrounds. Essential reading for addiction counselors and other mental health professionals, this book will also be of interest to patients and their families, and residents and physicians in all fields of medicine.


Preface; Part I. Theory: 1. Death, drugs, and rock and roll David Brizer; 2. The disease concept Mark Schenker; 3. Medical sequelae of addiction Michael Weaver; 4. Suicide and substance abuse Samoon Ahmad; 5. Abstinence as a goal Lawrence M. Westreich; 6. Ibogaine therapy for substance abuse disorders Deborah C. Mash; 7. Therapeutic communities in the new millennium George deLeon; 8. Cosmetic psychopharmacology: drugs that enhance well-being, performance, and creativity Richard Rosenthal and Lawrence M. Westreich; 9. Psychotherapeutic paradigms and the prescription pad: treating drug addiction with drugs Ed Paul; 10. Six key areas when working with addicts Kathleen Tracy; Part II. Real World: 11. The twelve step approach Marc Galanter; 12. Alcoholism Jerome Levin; 13. Alcoholism in primary care Mack Lipkin and Joshua Lee; 14. Nicotine addiction and smoking cessation Neil Hartman; 15. Clinical aspects of cocaine and methamphetamine dependence Arnold Washton; 16. Methadone treatment Robert Maslansky; 17. Psychoactive prescription drug abuse Bernard Salzman and Peter Micheels; Part III. Praxis: 18. Pain management and addiction treatment Robert Maslansky; 19. Psychotherapy and addiction Ed Paul; 20. EEG neurofeedback therapy Mark Steinberg and Siegfried Othmer; 21. The new pharmacotherapies for alcohol dependence Barbara Mason; 22. Dialectical behavioral therapy adapted to the treatment of concurrent borderline personality disorder and substance use disorders Shelley McMain; 23. Addiction and emergency Richard Gallagher; 24. Ear acupuncture in addiction treatment Michael Smith; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781107212435
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: September, 2010
Pages: 268
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 17.00

Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy, Psychiatry