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Chitin, Chitosan, Oligosaccharides and Their Derivatives
Biological Activities and Applications
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Biopolymers found in marine animals and plants offer tremendous, largely untapped pharmaceutical potential. Research shows that these biopolymers can be used to combat various infectious as well as inflammatory, oxidative, and carcinogenic factors. "Chitin, Chitosan, Oligosaccharides and Their Derivatives: Biological Activities and Applications" covers the key aspects of these therapeutically valuable biopolymers and their derivatives, namely, their properties, sources, production, and applications in food science and technology as well as biological, biomedical, industrial, and agricultural fields. It contains 100+ tables & figures and over 800 References. Written by 40 international contributors who are leading experts in the field of natural biomaterials, this book provides an overview of the sources and production of chitin and chitosan derivatives.
It also covers their: physical and chemical aspects; structural modifications for biomedical applications; biological activities, in particular, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antihypertensive, anticancer, and antidiabetic activities; biomedical applications, including their possible implications as drug, vaccine, and gene carriers; and, industrial and agricultural applications. With their wide range of applications, the world is looking to biopolymers to serve as the basis for functional food- and drug development. This book is an important resource for those leading this effort.


THE SOURCES AND PRODUCTION OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Chitin and Chitosan from Terrestrial Organisms Nitar Nwe, Tetsuya Furuike, and Hiroshi Tamura Chitin and Chitosan from Marine Organisms Wolfram M. Bruck, John W. Slater, and Brian F. Carney Chitin and Chitosan from Microorganisms Zorica Knezevic-Jugovic, Zivomir Petronijevic, and Andrija Smelcerovic Enzymatic Production of Chitin from Crustacean Shell Waste Gyung-Hyun Jo, Ro-Dong Park, and Woo-Jin Jung Continuous Production of Chitooligosaccharides by Enzymatic Hydrolysis Se-Kwon Kim and Jae-Young Je Biosynthesis of Cellulose-Chitosan Composite Muenduen Phisalaphong, Nirun Jatupaiboon, and Jeerun Kingkaew PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL ASPECTS OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Chemical Derivatization of Chitosan for Plasmid DNA Delivery: Present and Future Wing-Fu Lai and Marie Chin-Mi Lin X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Derivatives Waldemar Maniukiewicz Mechanical Properties of Chitosan and Chitosan-Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Blend Films Masaru Matsuo, Yumiko Nakano, Teruo Nakashima, and Yuezhen Bin Electrostatic Properties of Chitosan Won Jong Kim Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Analyze Structure and Bioactivity of Chitooligosaccharides Martin G. Peter and Marcos N. Eberlin The Use of Various Types of NMR and IR Spectroscopy for Structural Characterization of Chitin and Chitosan Mohammad Reza Kasaai STRUCTURAL MODIFICATIONS OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Chemical Modifications of Chitosan Intended for Biomedical Applications Mani Prabaharan and Ashutosh Tiwari Enzymatic Modifications of Chitin and Chitosan Yong Zhao, Wan-Taek Ju, and Ro-Dong Park BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Antimicrobial Activity of Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Oligosaccharides Joydeep Dutta and Pradip Kumar Dutta Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Derivatives Moon-Moo Kim and Se-Kwon Kim Chitosan Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration Riccardo A.A. Muzzarelli Antioxidative Activity of Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Derivatives Pyo-Jam Park, Sushruta Koppula, and Se-Kwon Kim Effects of Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Derivatives on Human Hemostasis Se-Kwon Kim and Won-Kyo Jung Antihypertensive Actions of Chitosan and Its Derivatives Jae-Young Je and Chang-Bum Ahn Anticancer Activity and Therapeutic Applications of Chitosan Nanoparticles Hang T. Ta, Dave E. Dunstan, and Crispin R. Dass Antidiabetic Activity and Cholesterol-Lowering Effect Chang-Suk Kong and Se-Kwon Kim BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Chitin/Chitosan Oligosaccharides: Effective Substrates for Functional Analysis of Chitinases/Chitosanases Takayuki Ohnuma and Tamo Fukamizo Low-Molecular-Weight Water-Soluble Chitosan with Free Amine Group for Drug Delivery Mi-Kyeong Jang and Jae-Woon Nah Chitosan/Chitosan Derivatives as Carriers and Immunoadjuvants in Vaccine Delivery Suresh P. Vyas, Rishi Paliwal, and Shivani R. Paliwal Chitosan-Conjugated DNA Nanoparticle Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy R. Jayakumar, K. P. Chennazhi, S. V. Nair, Tetsuya Furuike, and Hiroshi Tamura Chitinolytic Enzymes from the Moderately Thermophilic Bacterium Ralstonia sp. A-471: Characterization and Application Mitsuhiro Ueda Chitosan and Chitosan Derivatives as DNA and siRNA Carriers Hu-Lin Jiang, Yun-Jaie Choi, Myung-Haing Cho, and Chong-Su Cho Metabolic Pathway of Chitin and Its Oligosaccharides in Marine Bacterium Vibrios Jae Kweon Park, Nemat O. Keyhani, and Saul Roseman Medical Applications of Chitin and Chitosan: Going Forward Eugene Khor Radiation Functionalization and Applications of Chitosan and Its Derivatives Maolin Zhai, Long Zhao, Ling Huang, Ling Xu, Liyong Yuan, and Min Wang Applications of Chitosan Oligosaccharide and Glucosamine in Dentistry Yoshihiko Hayashi Applications of Chitosan and Its Derivatives in Veterinary Medicine Sevda SA enel INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN DERIVATIVES Separation Membranes from Chitin and Chitosan Derivatives Tadashi Uragami Hydrophobically Modified Acylated Chitosan Particles for Drug Delivery Applications: An Overview R. Shelma and Chandra P. Sharma Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Derivatives in Beverage Industry Aurelie Bornet and Pierre-Louis Teissedre Chitin Nanofibrils and Their Derivatives as Cosmeceuticals P. Morganti Chitin, Chitosan, and Their Oligosaccharides in Food Industry Janak K. Vidanarachchi, Maheshika S. Kurukulasuriya, and Se-Kwon Kim Chitin/Chitosan and Derivatives for Wastewater Treatment P. N. Sudha AGRICULTURAL AND BIOTECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS OF CHITIN AND CHITOSAN AND THEIR DERIVATIVES Chitin, Chitosan Derivatives Induced the Production of Secondary Metabolites and Plant Development through In Vitro and In Vivo Techniques Abdul Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed and Se-Kwon Kim Mechanism and Application of Chitin/Chitosan and Their Derivatives in Plant Protection Heng Yin and Yuguang Du Enhancing Crop Production with Chitosan and Its Derivatives Nguyen Anh Dzung


ISBN-13: 9781439858820
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: July, 2009
Pages: 666

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, General Issues