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Childhood Epilepsy
Management from Diagnosis to Remission
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Main description:

Sixty percent of the epilepsies start in childhood, and most of the clinically significant and often life-changing aspects of the disease occur at this time. Childhood epilepsy is frequently a complex disorder, demanding integrated medical, educational and community services. Its treatment encompasses acute and disability medicine. The many types or syndromes of childhood epilepsy present both diagnostic and management challenges. Although many children with epilepsy will be referred to specialist units, the majority will initially present to paediatricians and paediatric neurologists. This book provides a practical, problem-oriented manual to help clinicians with diagnosis, evaluation and management. This book addresses epilepsy as an evolving disorder from presentation, through active disease and finally to either spontaneous remission or a chronic lifelong condition. Structured on the child's age at presentation, Childhood Epilepsy offers a practical overview for paediatricians, paediatric neurologists and primary care practitioners who treat children with epilepsy in their daily practice.


Preface; 1. The only place to start: making the diagnosis of epilepsy Peter Camfield and Richard Appleton; 2. Epilepsy beginning in infancy Stewart Macleod and Elaine Wyllie; 3. Epilepsy beginning in middle childhood Elaine Wirrell and John H. Livingston; 4. Epilepsy beginning in adolescence Tim Martland and Carol Camfield; 5. Risks and hazards of epilepsy Ingrid Tuxhorn and J. Helen Cross; 6. Status epilepticus Richard Appleton and Peter Camfield; 7. The prevention of epilepsy and its consequences Richard Appleton and Peter Camfield; 8. Medico-legal aspects of epilepsy Richard Appleton and Peter Camfield; Glossary; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781139097918
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: July, 2011
Pages: 166
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 10.00