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CBT for Beginners
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Main description:

CBT for Beginners, Second Edition is designed to help your students make the best start in their careers as confident CBT therapists. Comprising all the main theory and competencies covered in training, this book takes your students right back to basics, equipping them with the essential nuts and bolts to practice CBT effectively.
Key features include:
- Written in a language familiar to first year trainees, offering your students an accessible route in to the subject.
- Exercises and case dialogue to invite critical reflection and enhance learning.
- Summary boxes to check your students' understanding of key content along the way.
- Further reading lists to allow students to take what they have learnt to the next step.
Focusing on case formulation, the authors show how to build a 'picture' of each individual client, using their case history to inform interventions. What results is a practical guide to the fundamentals of practicing CBT, making this the ideal starter text for CBT modules on any of your counselling, psychotherapy or wider health care courses.


PART ONE: CBT - WHAT IS IT?What is CBT? CBT: Historical and Theoretical BackgroundWho Benefits from CBT? The CBT Model Levels of Cognitions (Thoughts, Beliefs and Assumptions) Structure of therapy and sessionsThe therapeutic relationshipPART TWO: CBT - HOW DO YOU DO IT?CBT AssessmentCBT formulation Setting Therapy GoalsCoping Strategies Behavioural interventionsCognitive interventions: Psycho-education about thoughts and beliefs Cognitive interventions: Identifying negative automatic thoughtsCognitive Interventions: Evaluation of Negative Automatic Thoughts or 'Thought Challenging' Cognitive Interventions: Working with assumptions and core beliefs Working with emotionsPART THREE: AND THE REST...MindfulnessProblem Solving Motivation for Change Therapeutic Endings Supervision


ISBN-13: 9781446296820
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: December, 2013
Pages: 272

Subcategories: Psychotherapy