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Published March, 2013
By Chris Perkins
Publisher: Random House (RHNZ Adult ebooks)

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Published December, 2012
By Melanie Adair and Joe B. Adair
Publisher: Ingrams (Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.)

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Published September, 2012
By Philip Selby
Publisher: Ingrams (eBookIt.com)

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Published January, 2011
By Soeren Mattke, Lisa Klautzer and Tewodaj Mengistu
Publisher: Ingrams (Rand Corporation)

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Published March, 2007
By G. Ali Qureshi and S. Hasan Parvez
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Presents detailed information on various neurodegenerative disorders and their connection with oxidative stress. This work provides information to clinicians with directions to treat these disorders. It contains information on the subject of neurodegenerative disorders. It also reflects on various factors involved in degeneration.

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Published August, 2009
By Barbara Resnick and Ethel L. Mitty
Publisher: Springer (Springer Publishing Co Inc)

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Published October, 2008
By Paul Higgs and Ian Rees Jones
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Reflects on how our understanding and experience of health at later ages interacts with social and bio-medical developments. This book points out that debates on longevity and disability are being transformed by the emergence of a fitter and healthier older population. It is useful for students and researchers of medical sociology and gerontology.

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Published November, 2008
By Ronald Watson
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Identifies the nutritional requirements of the aging population, and how nutraceuticals and other CAM options affect those. This book explores the nutritional materials botanical extracts and components that can have important health promotion benefits and risks, to ensure safe consumption.

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