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Boy from Hell
Life with a Child with ADHD
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For Alison, life with her son Daniel sometimes seemed like an endless round of difficulties: disobedience, backchat, rudeness, name-calling and aggression. Upon starting school, where his aggression and lack of concentration concerned teachers, Daniel was given a vague diagnosis of borderline Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which was later changed to ADHD with secondary Oppositional Defiant Disorder and autistic traits. In this honest account of the first 18 years of Daniel's life, Alison exposes her own worries, doubts, and exceptional courage at every pivotal turn in Daniel's life. Interspersing the narrative with tips and advice on what she has found useful - or not - in bringing up Daniel, Alison also provides encouraging guidance for teachers and fellow parents. This book also raises serious questions about how the education system supports children with special needs, and if medication can be the answer to managing ADHD in children.


Foreword by Rory Bremner. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. About ADHD. 1. The Early Years. 2. Infant School. 3. ADHD Behaviours. 4. Exclusion Number One, and the PRU. 5. Diagnosis, Diet and Medication. 6. Junior School. 7. Exclusion Number Two, A Brush with the Law and Home Tutoring. 8. Support for your Child in School. 9. Disability Living Allowance and Other Benefits. 10. Special School. 11. Tips and Techniques for Dealing with ADHD. 12. ADHD from a Parent's Perspective. 13. ADHD from a Sibling's Perspective. 14. ADHD from the Child's Perspective. 15. Where we are now - and where we're going. Appendix 1: The Diagnostic Criteria of ADHD. Appendix 2: Disability Living Allowance. Appendix 3: Resources. Appendix 4: Glossary. Appendix 5: References. About the Author.


ISBN-13: 9781784502577
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: February, 2016
Pages: 208

Subcategories: Psychiatry