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Bipolar Disorders
Basic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications
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Responding to the explosion of research on the pathophysiology and management of bipolar disorder, this completely revised Second Edition spans basic mechanisms, neuroimaging, viral etiology, neurofactors, current treatment implications, and modern theories of the neurobiology of bipolar disorder to stand as the most authoritative reference on this debilitating condition. Written and edited by internationally lauded experts in the field, this source covers an expansive array of topics including genetic and causal factors, neuroendocrinology, neurotransmitters and signal transduction pathways, neuroimaging and neurorecognition, and prospects for new treatment development.


The Classification of Bipolar Disorders - Implications for Clinical Research. Prospects for the Development of Animal Models for the Study of Bipolar Disorder. Abnormalities in Catecholamines and the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder. Cholinergic-Muscarinic Dysfunction in Mood Disorders. Serotonergic Dysfunction in Mood Disorders. Cell Membrane and Signal Transduction Pathways - Implications for the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorders. Searching for a Cellular Endophenotype for Bipolar Disorder. Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Bipolar Disorder. Brain Imaging Studies in Bipolar Disorder. Sleep and Biological Rhythms Abnormalities in the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorders. Hypothesis of an Infectious Etiology in Bipolar Disorder. EEEGs and ERPs in Bipolar Disorders. Genetics of Bipolar Disorder. Neurocognitive Findings in Bipolar Disorder. Biology Versus Environment: Stressors in the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder. The Kindling/Sensitization Model: Implications for the Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder. Biologic Factors in Different Bipolar Disorder Subtypes. Biological Factors in Bipolar Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence. Biological Factors in Bipolar Disorder in Late Life. Perspectives for New Pharmacological Interventions. Physical Comorbidity in Bipolar Disorder. Towards a Pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder


ISBN-13: 9781420021158
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Publication date: May, 2007
Pages: 440
Dimensions: 6.00 x 229.00 x 25.00

Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychotherapy