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Bioluminescence: Chemical Principles And Methods (Revised Edition)
Chemical Principles and Methods
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Main description:

This book is an authoritative monograph on the recent progresses in the chemistry of bioluminescence. This book provides a comprehensive overview on the past and the latest development in understanding the biochemical mechanisms on some 35 different types of luminous organisms, together with information helpful to students and researchers in an Appendix. It is the first and only book that provides chemical information on all currently known bioluminescence systems. Dr Shimomura is the leading practitioner in the field for the past half century, and is best known for his discovery of the jellyfish photoprotein aequorin and the green fluorescent protein. This book is the bible of bioluminescence, and is "a must read," not only for the students who study bioluminescence but also for those who work in various aspects relating to bioluminescence. This book will be an important source of chemical knowledge on bioluminescence for a long period of time in future. Fully revised since its publication in 2006, it now incorporates the most recent advances in the subject area. A new section on "Green Fluorescent Protein" has been added at the end of Chapter 4.
It contains an extensive reference section.


The Fireflies and Luminous Insects; Luminous Bacteria; The Ostracod Cypridina (Vargula) and Other Luminous Crustaceans; The Jellyfish Aequorea and Other Luminous Coelenterates; The Coelenterazines; Luminous Mollusca; Annelida; Dinoflagellates and Other Protozoa; Luminous Fungi; Other Luminous Organisms.


ISBN-13: 9789814366090
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Publication date: March, 2012
Pages: 500
Dimensions: 155.00 x 229.00 x 25.00

Subcategories: Biochemistry