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Better Aged Care Professionals Ask Better Questions
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Main description:

The Person-Centred Approach Made Easy!

Learn how to enable your clients by using this simple-to-apply questioning technique that gets amazing results!

Aged Care Professionals typically do too much TELLING and not enough ASKING! . . . . . . and this is widely recognised as being one of the biggest inhibitors of 'enabling' our aged population to make their own choices on how they want to live within their community.

At Better Questions we are passionate about educating Aged Care Professionals to have more 'person-centred conversations' with their clients by recognising when and how to ask (the right) questions as opposed to advice-giving or telling.

This 'easy read' book will help you recognise unconscious patterns of advice-giving and telling that may not be the best response for your clients and will inspire you to build the skill of asking Better Questions and bring out their potential.

Featuring real case studies, this informative and inspirational book is the 'must have' handbook for all Assessment Officers, Case Managers, Nurses, Care Workers and all providers of professional services in aged care.

Some comments from Aged Care Professionals who have used Better Questions:

"I put the brakes on telling and started asking better questions."
Assessment Officer

"I reminded myself not to get sucked into keep giving advice and fixing things."
Community Nurse

"It was truly wonderful to hear the clients express their aspirations . . . it was divine."
Health Professional

"It truly is inspiring to watch people come to their own decisions, thoughts and choices."
Care Worker

Start reading today and learn our tried and tested, easy-to-follow Better Questions framework that has the power to change your clients' lives (and your life!) in ways you may never have thought possible!

POTENTIALISER – po·ten·ti·a·li·ser
Meaning: Releaser of amazingness in others

Join the Aged Care Revolution, become a Potentialiser and bring out the Amazingness in your clients!


ISBN-13: 2370004490106
Publisher: Ingrams (eBookIt.com)
Publication date: September, 2012
Pages: 226

Subcategories: Public Health