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Becoming a Midwife
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Main description:

What is the reality of being a midwife at the beginning of the twenty-first century? What is it like to help and support women throughout pregnancy and childbirth and into motherhood? What roles can midwives play in society? "Becoming a Midwife" explores what it is to be a midwife, looking at the factors that make midwifery such a special profession, as well as some of the challenges. The chapters cover a variety of settings and several different stages in a woman's pregnancy. Each one is narrated by a midwife who introduces their own theme, recounts a vignette that throws light on their understanding of midwifery and reasons for becoming a midwife and any subsequent career moves. Drawing together these insights, the editors show what it means to be a midwife today. Suitable for those contemplating a career in midwifery and providing an opportunity for reflection for more experienced midwives, this thought-provoking book is an invaluable contribution to midwifery.


Introduction Part 1 The midwife and the institution 1. Midwifery care in the community during the woman's pregnancy 2. Midwifery care while the woman is in labour in an institution 3. Midwifery care of the mother and baby at home 4. Midwives and perinatal mental health Part 2 The midwife and the wider environment 5. The midwife manager 6. The midwife who is in education 7. The supervisor of midwives 8. The academic midwife 9. The midwife as a researcher 10. The midwife historian 11. The global midwife 12. The independent midwife 13. A male midwife's perspective 14. The midwife who is not a mother 15. The midwife who is an author 16. The ex midwife Conclusion


ISBN-13: 9780203871416
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: August, 2009
Pages: 248

Subcategories: Nursing