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Bacterial-Epithelial Cell Cross-Talk
Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis
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Main description:

An emerging theme in molecular and cellular microbiology has been the ability of many pathogens to usurp the host cell and eventually colonize the host. This interaction between bacteria and host is not unidirectional - both pathogens and host cells engage in a signalling cross-talk. Research focused on this cross-talk and discussed in this volume, reveals not only novel aspects of bacterial pathogenesis, but also key information about epithelial biology with broader implications in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Written by leading researchers in this field, this book provides a valuable overview of the host-bacterial interactions that occur at mucosal surfaces including the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urogenital tracts. It will therefore be a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers working on these systems or in the fields of molecular and cellular microbiology or infectious disease medicine.


Part I. Introduction to the Host and Bacterial Pathogens: 1. Overview of the epithelial cell W. Vallen Graham and Jerrold R. Turner; 2. Evolution of bacterial pathogens Anthony Maurelli; Part II. Bacterial Cell Biology and Pathogenesis: 3. Bacterial secretion systems Helen J. Betts, Christopher M. Bailey, Mark J. Pallen and Ian Henderson; 4. Pathogen-associated molecular patterns and host detection Matam Vijay-Kumar and Andrew Gewirtz; 5. Flagella regulation and its secretion system Glenn Young; 6. The role of bacterial adhesion in bacterial pathogenesis Christof Hauck; 7. The role of bacterial toxins in bacterial pathogenesis Joseph Barbieri; Part III. Host Cell Signaling by Bacteria: 8. Host-mediated invasion Brit Winnen and Wolf-Detrich Hardt; 9. NF- kB dependent pathways Bobby Cherayil; 10. NF- kB independent pathways Beth A. McCormick and Randall J. Mrsny; Part IV. Exploitation of Host Niches by Pathogenic Bacteria: Mechanisms and Consequences: 11. Lung infections Marisa I. Gomez and Alice Prince; 12. Interactions of Helicobacter pylori with the gastric mucosa D. Scott Merrell; 13. Interactions of enteric bacteria with the intestinal mucosa Samuel Tesfay, Donnie Edward Shifflett and Gail Hecht; 14. Uropathogenic bacteria Luce Landraud, Rene Clement and Patrice Boquet.


ISBN-13: 9781107165380
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 452
Dimensions: 152.00 x 228.00 x 27.00

Subcategories: Immunology