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Baby Sleep Solution
The Stay and Support Method to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
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Main description:

Lucy Wolfe, Ireland's leading sleep expert, introduces the stay-and-support method for parents who want to help their babies sleep through the night. With sleep-shaping supports for newborns, top tips for toddlers, and advice for older children up to the age of six, Lucy's approach provides a gentle and emotionally considerate way to get your little one to sleep - without leaving them alone to cry, ensuring they feel loved, safe and secure at all times. To date, this 98% effective method has helped over 4,000 parents, with most reporting improvements within the first seven days of introducing the recommendations. Now it's your turn! The Baby Sleep Solution will help you: * Discover the issues that prevent your baby from sleeping through the night * Tailor your own personal routine to suit your child's temperament * Deal with real-life disruptions such as balancing feeding and sleep, landing the nap, returning to work, holidays, daycare, sickness and teething * Develop good sleep habits that will last your baby a lifetime The Baby Sleep Solution provides all the support needed for both baby and you to get what everyone needs - a good night's sleep!


ISBN-13: 9780717171521
Publisher: Gill Books
Publication date: March, 2017
Pages: 240
Dimensions: 156.00 x 233.00 x 16.00

Subcategories: Neurology