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Autism, Anxiety and Me
A Diary in Even Numbers
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Main description:

Surely my way is not always wrong, just because it's different from other people's ways? I mean everyone's way is weird to someone...In her 24 years Emma has experienced a lot, and much of this has been coloured by her autism and social anxiety. Funny and self-aware, this collection of Emma's diary entries capture her hidden thoughts and insightful explanations as to why the world can be such a puzzling place. Wry observations on social rules, friendships, relationships, and facing changes give compelling insight into how Emma confronts challenges, and her determination to live life to the fullest. Helpful advice at the end of each entry also give practical strategies for coping with common issues.


Foreword. Introduction. 2. Hypersensitivity and Gardening. 4. Even Numbers. 6. Money Troubles. 8. Overwhelming Noise. 10. Joking or Lying?. 12. Giving Gifts. 14. Ownership. 16. They Already Know. 18. They Are All the Same. 20. The 'How Are You?' Question... 22. The Dilemma of Timing. 24. People can be So Scary. 26. Crossing the Road and Sharing the Pavement. 28. Bed Time Pals. 30. In Its Place. 32. The Art of Clearing. 34. Obsessional Personality. 36. But We Aren't. 38. Adverts. 40. Being Home Alone. 42. Just Don't. 44. Be Queen for the Day. 46. Panic Attack Thoughts. 48. Things People Say. 50. Impossibly Confusing. 52. Doing a Talk. 54. Good Girl. 56. In Shops. 58. Using the Phone/ Having a Script. 60 & 62. Special Holiday Section. 64. Literal Thinking. 66. Consequences. 68. Decision Making and Patterns. 70. Friendship. 72. Working/ Volunteering. 74. Romance and Relationships. 76. It's Just a Part of How We Were Made. 78. All or Nothing. 80. Puberty. 82. Hospitals, Doctors and Feeling Icky. 84. Not All Meltdowns can be 'Fixed'. Conclusion.


ISBN-13: 9781784503369
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: August, 2016
Pages: 176

Subcategories: Psychiatry